vMeasure exp 2.0 SP6

Updates existing installations of version 2.0 to 2.0 SP6.

The following changes will become effective with SP6:

User Operation and Display

  • Added support for licensing with keyman dongles for Windows 10.

Communication Protocols

  • Added support of VN5640 for CSM EtherCAT devices.
  • Added support for XCP 1.4 DAQ packed mode.

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • New CSMconfig version 8.10.0
  • A misleading error message does not appear any more in the Write Window when working with CSM measurement modules.
  • The check for signal events is optimized for signals with a sample rate of 1MHz: downsampling can be used to reduce processor load in this case.


  • Performance optimization when video is captured but not displayed in the multimedia window.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • Signal values in panels are now also updated in Live View.
  • Display pages and windows can be inserted into PowerPoint using drag & drop.
  • Singular peaks of signals will be shown in the graphic windows.
  • In case of integer signals with up to 8 bits all bits will be displayed if the signal is moved from other windows into a Digital window.
  • The Thermodynamic State Chart window does work with constant values, too.
  • Floating graphic windows consider changes of the time axis in case of enabled Global Synchronized Time Axis.

Option DIAdem

  • A wrong license expiry check has been removed.
  • The info dialog is now always in the foreground during startup.
  • Signal names with non-ASCII characters are supported.
  • Sending of CAN remote frames is supported.
  • Sending of raw values is supported.
  • The initial value of a signal in the database is taken into account.
  • The default configuration for the sending of signals is now aligned with the previous versions.
  • Container PDUs are not discarded anymore if they have a length smaller than their maximum length.
  • The behaviour related to the reading of wrong configuration files has been improved.


Size : 1.48 GB
MD5 hash : cd1dd7e952fccc544634ed366424ab96
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