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CANoe.DiVa - Automated Testing of the Diagnostic Protocol in ECUs

DiVa is a CANoe extension for automated testing of diagnostic software implementations in ECUs. Reproducible test cases are generated based on an ECU diagnostic description in CANdela or ODX format.

CANoe automatically executes these test cases and generates a conclusive test report.


  • Automatic generation of test cases and their specification with comprehensive test coverage based on ECU diagnostic descriptions in ODX or CANdela format
  • Automated execution of test cases and generation of a test report
  • Supports different diagnostic standards (UDS, OBD, KWP2000, GMW3110) and OEM-specific interpretations and test specifications
  • Easy to configure test contents
  • Integration in the CANoe test environment

This means savings in time and effort while improving the quality of ECU diagnostic software at the same time.

Application Areas

Generating test cases and automating test execution are two important trends in testing. The system supplier needs extensive tests to support development as well as regression and release tests. Automotive OEMs need systematic tests and requirement traceability, in all phase’s development, integration and release.

CANoe.DiVa is designed to be used by automotive OEMs and suppliers. DiVa is not tailored to a specific automotive OEM, but it allows OEM specific adaptions and extensions by configuration and/or plug-ins

Highlights Version 14

Integration and Testing of 3rd Party Diagnostic Procedures

  • Test of any diagnostic jobs executed via the D-PDU API.
  • Test of timing, protocol, supported services and expected values under freely configurable system conditions (e.g. undervoltage).
    Advantage: OEM-specific use cases from development, production, after-sales service or OTA are tested automatically and reproducibly. The test checks whether the ECU and the diagnostic procedure work together. Components that are not yet available at the time of development (e.g. on-board testers) are emulated in this way so that the test of diagnostic procedures can take place much earlier.


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Further Optimizations

  • Support of the new 60V Vector VT system modules (VT2808, VT1104, VT7101)
  • Full support of relative paths for better localization of the DiVa project, e.g. in continuous integration or regression test applications
  • Optimizations in the user interface with regard to high-resolution display and performance
  • New UDS tests: Test that only readable DIDs can actually not be overwritten.
  • Many new OEM specific test extensions
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CANoe.DiVa provides test configuration, test generation, test result analysis support accompanied by requirement traceability and automated test control.

The generator uses diagnostic descriptions in ODX or CANdela format to generate comprehensive test cases in accordance to the configured test depth (good and bad cases). It generates a test environment that is added to a CANoe configuration, as well as a test specification with details on the test flow and the individual tests. The tests cover both protocol and application scope. The (re-) programming of ECUs for valid and invalid sequences is also checked. The execution results are documented in a clear report. The analysis of the test results is supported by CANoe.DiVa with mechanisms for sorting, comparing, filtering, commenting, requirement linking and post processing of tests and test results. Comments and requirements given by the user are persistently stored over sequential test runs.

  • Physical/functional addressing and timing
  • Protocol format: Processing of valid and invalid requests
  • Execution or rejection of services at various session and security levels
  • Data types and value limits
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  • Parameter vs. parameter: Compare write/read
  • Compare parameters to expected values, e.g. values acquired over CCP/XCP
  • Compare parameter with I/O or network signals
  • Provoke and reset error states automatically (network signal errors or electrical errors via VT System or other HIL)
  • Comprehensively check proper DTC setting, resetting and reporting, according to protocol and specification
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Validation of the flash programming of ECUs in conjunction with vFlash. CANoe.DiVa can generate tests for the bootloader supported by vFlash. vFlash supports over 90 bootloaders (1/2017).

CANoe.DiVa generates, among others, the following tests:

  • Valid flashing and testing of diagnostic communica-tion with regard to timing and format.
  • Flashing when under / overvoltage.
  • Abort the flash sequence at different points and targeted interruption of the power supply during flashing.
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  • Creation of requirements or import of requirements from requirements systems (e.g., Doors) or test data management systems using the Vector Connection Utilities/AddIn
  • Generated tests can be mapped to requirements. This facilitates the tracking of the requirements
  • Display of all test results for individual requirements
  • Returning test results to the requirement or test data management system
  • Automated control of CANoe.DiVa for integration into an existing build and test environment (e.g. Jenkins or Subversion)
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  • Integration of Vector Security Manager. The Vector Security Manager provides OEM-specific security functions, e.g. for diagnostic authentication.
  • Test of diagnostic authentication and service availability
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Supported Diagnostic Standards and Protocols

  • ISO 14229 (UDS): 2006/2013/2020,
  • ISO 15765 (Diagnostics on CAN),
  • ISO 14230 (KWP 2000),
  • ISO 15031/ J1979 (OBDII),
  • ISO 27145 (WWH-OBD)
  • GMW 3110
  • Specific test support for numerous automotive OEMs:
    Beside the general diagnostic tests (e.g. for ISO14229) CANoe.DiVa also offers additional test support for many OEMs.

Product Descriptions

Component Recommended Minimum
CANoe CANoe.DiVa version 12 runs with the CANoe variants Full, Run and Pex.
Basic requirement is an installed CANoe license, version 12.
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Processor Intel Core i5
3,0 GHz
Intel Core 2 Duo
2,6 GHz
Memory (RAM) 4 GB 1 GB
HDD Capacity ≥ 2,0 GB (depends on used options and needed Operating Systems components)
Screen Resolution 1920x1080
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