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Webinar Recording


Duration: 47 minutes

Language: English


Nigel Rozier and Jason Masters

VectorCAST: Improving Open-Source Test Framework Efficiency

Open-Source Test Frameworks for the C/C++ developer community have grown considerably over the past few years. An open-source framework allows developers to easily create module and integration tests for C and C++ applications. While these are a great first step, open-source and home grown frameworks have limitations for projects developing embedded applications for aerospace, automotive, industrial control, medical and railway.


During our Elevenses today, we will discuss how VectorCAST can be used to enhance and extend these open-source and home grown frameworks, allowing software development organizations to increase test automation, improve software quality and reduce time-to-market.


You will learn:

- Measuring Code Coverage and Testing Completeness

- Automation of Tests

- Change-Based Testing

- Adding Unit testing extensions