Automated Software Testing with Wind River VxWorks7

One of the challenges many projects face is how to quickly and easily test their embedded application on live hardware – either using a simulator or evaluation board (Processor-In-the-Loop: PIL) or using the production hardware (Hardware-In-the-Loop: HIL). PIL and HIL testing are especially important for safety-critical applications in industries such as avionics, automotive, medical, and railway, where it is often a requirement for certification. Even for projects with less stringent testing requirements, testing in an environment that is as close as possible to the production environment will result in more errors being discovered. 

Vector provides a family of tools that solves this problem by automating the test configuration and execution process so that engineers can focus on building and executing accurate and effective software tests. Specifically, VectorCAST helps with two key areas of target-based testing:

- Software unit and integration testing to prove application correctness
- Code coverage analysis during testing to prove test completeness 

This whitepaper will detail what this testing accomplishes, and discuss how automated testing can be performed using the Wind River Toolchain and the Workbench IDE. 

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