DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.18.75 SP7

Updates existing installations of version 5.18 to 5.18 SP7. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • TopDownService Config - Improve Evaluation of Support Dirty Flag Value at NvBlockDescriptors
  • Compare and Merge: Support base container for renamed containers
  • Change the way of merging the J1939NmNode and its NodeID

Fixed Issues

  • Exception when connecting Ports
  • ConnectorValidation: Only one RTE51031 shown for each Operation
  • Flattener: Missing Connectors in case of Multi Instantiation
  • NVM Need Priority Selection
  • Exporter modelTreeClosure doesn't export referenced objects as described in the headline
  • E2EProtectionValidator Exception when removing Multiple Receivers
  • NullPointerException if J1939TpProtocolType is missing in the J1939DcmIPdu
  • Execution Order Constraint cannot be applied
  • NullPointerException if CommunicationDirection is missing in the FramePort
  • Application Ports grid errors for invalid Connectors
  • Derived the J1939TpRx- and -TxProtocolType
  • For EIRA Rx ComMSignals no ComMPncComSignalChannelRef is needed
  • ConnectorValidationRule: Implement Timeout
  • Exception in Application Components part with Variant Data Mappings
  • BSWM Editor does not show variant BswMActionListItem
  • Changing number format for parameter has no effect
Please note:
This software package contains an older version of WIBU CodeMeter, which contains a critical security vulnerability.
Please ensure to have the latest Vector License Client installed that fixes that vulnerability. For details refer to the Vector security advisory.

Size : 420.08 MB
MD5 hash : ceb395a8b2707c0cbda11563381b9b5b
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