PREEvision and Automotive Suppliers
Benefits for the Supply Chain


How the Supply Chain Can Benefit From PREEvision 

PREEvision is a digital engineering platform that helps automotive OEMs around the world to simplify the challenges in the development of contemporary E/E systems. Its powerful features make architecture development and system integration much easier for engineers. But the supply chain too can benefit enormously from the support, PREEvision has to offer.


A Common Ground

Benefit From the Model-Based Approach

The model-based approach provides a semantic meaning to the development artifacts, instead of mostly prosaic descriptions or plain drawings. This reduces the need for error-prone interpretation by using a common language and enables automated checks and algorithms.

This enables engineers to reduce efforts otherwise created by the need for data shepherding, searching, validation, aggregation, versioning, and transport of data in development teams.


Model-Based E/E Development with PREEvision

PREEvision explained in a nutshell: Enjoy this animated introduction into model-based E/E engineering!


Chances From Collaboration

Benefit From Collaboration and Team Work Features

The PREEvision Collaboration Platform brings your data into a central E/E-data backbone which is accessible by possibly everyone. A key benefit of this central storage of engineering data is, that it is structured, always up to date, and embedded into a global development context.

Changes are tracked by version management and data access is controlled by rights and roles management. An integrated REST API enables access to the backbone allowing implementation of custom web clients, apps or other applications to visualize, edit, and exchange information.

  • Structured data, always up to date
  • Data embedded into a global development context
  • Changes are tracked by version management
  • Data access is controlled by rights and roles management

Collaboration With Customers

Benefit From Integrated Standards for Data Exchange

Data and information exchange with the customer is a daily task for suppliers. This makes an easy, stable, traceable and reproducible exchange even more important. E-mail and office document formats are not capable to fulfill these requirements.

PREEvision provides many industry standard exchange formats like ReqIF, ARXML or KBL to cover the import/export demands of suppliers in their daily business. Furthermore, automated checks can help to reveal inconsistencies and gaps in imported data.

PREEvision Product Line Approach

The Product Line concept in PREEvision allows separating customer projects and customer intellectual property from each other, while own intellectual property could be re-used in different projects.


E/E Engineering Enhanced

Benefit by State-of-the-Art Workflows and Sustainable Methodologies

In the supply chain, PREEvision is used for engineering tasks such as authoring of AUTOSAR or Wiring Harness systems, and for System, Function, or Architecture Design.

Whilst working with PREEvision, engineers benefit from mechanisms such as variant management for handling different design or system variants, as well as checks on correctness and completeness. This helps engineers to keep an overview over complex systems.

  • Design, management and documentation of complete E/E systems in one tool
  • Integrated traceability
  • Graphical modeling in diagrams
  • Full support of AUTOSAR methodology
  • Design of safety-relevant systems acc. to ISO 26262
  • Variant management and product line engineering
  • Complete development from architecture to wiring harness based on one source

Latest Automotive Technologies, at Your Service

Benefit From a Future-Proof Tool

PREEvision helps drive innovation by supporting new technologies such as the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, Service-Oriented Architectures or High-Performance Computers with integrated support for Functional Safety and ASPICE processes.

PREEvision|The E/E Engineering Solution

Model-based development of E/E systems in the automotive industry and related fields.

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PREEvision 10.0 | Model-Based E/E Engineering

What is new: Have a look at highlights and most important changes!

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Know Where You Are Going

Benefit From the Project Management Features of PREEvision

In addition to designing and modeling all aspects of E/E systems, PREEvision also offers functionality for managing and controlling projects, including classic as well as agile methodologies.

For planning, the integrated approach enables bundling of development artifacts in work packages to achieve traceability and transparency throughout the entire project.

Project management becomes part of the single point of truth approach so that systems can be clearly represented and further developed without tool breaks.

Templates allow the creation of a project documentation including Gantt charts and open issue lists to be generated out of the current model data at any time.

PREEvision Requirements Engineering and Management

Taming the Ever-Changing

Benefit From the Process Management Features of PREEvision

Individual processes can be represented and implemented in PREEvision with e.g. customizable rights and roles, responsibilities, and lifecycles, which can be defined for every single artifact.

This ensures that the customer development process is standardized and transparent for every project participant. Change requests and errors can be described in tickets and processed efficiently through a uniform workflow, as well as directly linked to the affected artifacts.

This provides traceability for the entire change management process with the affected artifacts, supported by a version control system.

Greater Responsibility. Great!

Benefit from Capabilities to Handle Turnkey Projects

OEMs delegate more and more responsibility over complete (sub-)systems to suppliers, also called turnkey projects.

PREEvision, with its backbone approach, provides not only the engineering environment for single use cases but a full traceability and documentation for complete turnkey projects.

Product lines, the library concept, and variant management underpin development of adaptations of existing solutions.


Your Needs Are The Limit

Benefit From a Solution That Grows Together With Your Team

Depending on your needs, PREEvision useage can evolve from small engineering groups through to big organizational rollouts.

PREEvision is a powerful tool that can greatly assist bigger user groups. Therefore, a holistic view of the development process is recommended to define where PREEvision delivers the best value in a process environment.


Stand Confident On Tried and Tested Shoulders

Benefit From a Seasoned and Reliable Customer Service

We have an experienced customer service organization specialized on PREEvision that can support your use case, from a small single-user usage up to a big project with multiple hundreds of users.

We can help you with:

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Tool support
  • Customer specific solutions
  • IT infrastructure support and hosting

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