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  • Bordnetze im Automobil Ludwigsburg 2020

2020-09-30 - 2020-10-01

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Bordnetze im Automobil Ludwigsburg

8. Internationaler Fachkongress Bordnetze im Automobil


For the 8th time the decision makers of the automotive industry will meet again. This year as online event!

Wiring Harness Design and High-Voltage Measurements

Electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity: The onboard electronic network has become the brain of today’s cars and the high-voltage lines the bloodstreams.

With PREEvision, Vector offers a model-based engineering environment, that faces the challenges of such complex E/E systems – from architecture design all the way through to the final wiring harness.

Additionally, our new E-Mobility Measurement System enables fast and time-synchronous multi-channel measurements in high-voltage lines and components.


PREEvision Wiring Harness Design and Development

This is Model-Based E/E Engineering

PREEvision is the premier tool for model-based development of distributed, embedded systems in the automotive industry and related fields. This engineering environment supports the entire technical development process in a single integrated application. Due to the shared database in one integrated model, wiring harness engineers can use the data of the architecture design to elaborate the wiring harness in detail. In return, architects can use wiring harnesses of the series production for optimization.

PREEvision|Modellbasierte Leitungssatzentwicklung

Alternativen bewerten, Designs optimieren und den Kabelbaum detailliert ausarbeiten.

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PREEvision|Die E/E-Engineering-Lösung

Modellbasierte Entwicklung verteilter, eingebetteter E/E-Systeme in der Automobilindustrie.

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High-Voltage Measurement

E-Mobility Measurement System

The e-mobility measurement system from Vector and CSM is designed for fast multi-channel measurements in the HV cables and HV components of vehicles. It calculates all relevant parameters online: charging system efficiency, vehicle energy consumption, drive train and inverter efficiency, mechanical axle power, engine power and efficiency, vehicle electrical system ripple and last but not least shield currents of HV cables.

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PREEvision High-Voltage Measurement
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