10:00 (Europe/Berlin)

Dauer: 1 Stunden

Sprache: Englisch

Referent(en): Dr. Nico Adler

PREEvision: Systemmodelling

One of the main assets of the model-based engineering environment PREEvision is its system perspective that covers complete E/E systems. The multiple graphical editors help to design, manage and understand the complex structures of hardware and software networks in modern vehicles.


PREEvision provides generic UML and SysML diagrams combined with an underlying data model that is developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry. The webinar demonstrates how to get the best out of the structure diagrams (block diagrams, package diagrams, class diagrams) and the behavior diagrams (use case diagram, state chart diagrams) available in PREEvision.


Attendance recommended for

  • E/E architects
  • System and software designer in the E/E development process
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