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16:00 (Europe/Berlin)

Dauer: 60min

Sprache: Englisch

Referent(en): Martin Heininger (Heicon), Ingo Nickles (Vector), Winfried Schröder (Vector)

VectorCAST: How an AI System is Tested for Functional Safety

Even in safety-critical areas such as driver assistance systems and autonomous driving, applications without AI are no longer conceivable today.
The webinar provides an overview of the main differences between AIs and their current areas of application and explains the possibilities and limitations for testing these AI systems.
The current status on the use of AI in systems that have to be developed according to FUSA standards will be shown and the proposal for the AI Safety Classification Table of ISO/IEC SC42 will be presented.


  • Artificial Intelligence at a glance
  • Weak AI - Strong AI and Machine Learning
  • Testing of AI systems
  • AI systems in functional safety
  • ISO/IEC SC42


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