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  • ECU Diagnostics Data Creation using CANdelaStudio




11:30 (Asia/Kolkata)

Dauer: 60 min

Sprache: Englisch

Referent(en): Nitin Jamdar | Teena Kasi

ECU Diagnostics Data Creation using CANdelaStudio

The specification tool CANdelaStudio is a central component of the Vector CANdela solution and supports users in creating and editing a formal vehicle ECU diagnostic specification. CANdelaStudio increases the consistency in the entire diagnostic development process. Once the diagnostic specification has been created, it is used for: implementing the diagnostic software, automated conformity tests of the diagnostic software, data supply for the various diagnostic testers and, starting point for test sequences and scripts.


Join us for the webinar to get an overview of CANdelaStudio as a user-friendly tool for specifying ECU Diagnostics data.



> Overview of CANdelaStudio & its features

> ODX support - import and export

> Showing the template concept that ensures a consistent development process

> How to develop an ECU diagnostic specification

> Tool demonstration

> Live Q&A


Target Group:

> System Engineer

> Diagnostic Development Engineer

> Diagnostic Validation Engineer

> ECU Project Lead/Manager