10:00 (Europe/Berlin)

Dauer: 1h

Sprache: Englisch

Referent(en): Markus Helmling

Smart Switches in AUTOSAR Eco Systems: Roles and Software Architecture

More and more Automotive Ethernet based features find their way into the automobile and need an increasing amount of computing power. This results in complex ECUs which are multi-core or even multi-processor systems that potentially run different operating systems simultaneously. Those complex ECUs naturally also host switches, which are used for intra-ECU, in-vehicle and off-board communication at once. They must implement numerous high-end security and TSN features. Unfortunately, this results in a high CPU load on the MCU side or the features cannot be displayed at all in a meaningful way.

Nowadays, new switch derivates come along with an own CPU sub-system that could take over tasks such as e.g. PTP handling on the switch itself more efficiently. Even further resources on the switch are introduced such as HSMs to allow technologies like MACsec to be enabled in automotive in-vehicle networks. But neither the AUTOSAR drivers and workflows nor the organizational structures at the OEMs are prepared for those smart switch sub-systems.

In this webinar we will present an overview of the obstacles to be overcome and provides ideas and solutions how we can migrate from a MCU-managed switch solution to a smart self-managed switch sub-system that integrates well into the AUTOSAR eco system and methodology. Concepts for diagnostics, update, reset, wakeup and network security are shown, too. Furthermore, we will give an outlook of an idea how a static pre-build configuration using AUTOSAR may co-exist with flexible run-time (re-)configuration using YANG.

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