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09:00 (Europe/Berlin)

Dauer: 1 Stunden

Sprache: Englisch

Referent(en): Katharina Wagner (BASELABS GmbH)

Generate a custom data fusion algorithm in 25 minutes: Efficient and scalable development of data fusion systems for ADAS & HAD

For the development of driving functions like AEB, lane keeping and piloted driving for ADAS and HAD, a reliable representation of the vehicle’s environment is required. In future, a further increase of the automation level and functional complexity is expected. Therefore, the data fusion of different automotive sensors like cameras, radars and lidars becomes more and more challenging. As a result, the development of environment perception applications requires a high programming and development effort.

In this webinar conducted by Vector’s partner company BASELABS, you will experience how to use the development framework BASELABS Create to generate a custom data fusion algorithm within 25 minutes by means of configuration and customization. BASELABS´data fusion expert Katharina Wagner will introduce how developers are enabled to resolve their individual data fusion challenges fast and efficiently with BASELABS Create. This includes the graphical configuration of the sensor setup, the generation of matching data fusion code and the generation of an integration layer for middleware systems such as vADASdeveloper, ROS, ADTF or RTMaps. Additionally, you will see how to use the built-in diagnostics to visualize the sensor measurements and the data fusion results.

This development approach drastically reduces the effort for data fusion development and thus, allows developers to concentrate on the development of the driving functions. You will get an insight how easy and flexible it is to work with the framework and the generated source code which is fully accessible and modifiable.

Target Group

Developers/algorithm developers of driver assistance systems, especially in the area of multisensor systems

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Register for an additional webinar hosted by Vector. You will learn how to use vADASdeveloper for implementing and debugging algorithms for driver assistance and HAD systems.

December 4th, 2018

Algorithm Prototyping for Driver Assistance and HAD Systems in vADASdeveloper

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