Webinar Recording


Duration: 43 Minuten

Sprache: Englisch


Waseem Ashraf

VectorCAST: Managing Test Cases When Requirements Change

Requirements change is common in a software development activity and can occur due to a change in user requirements, a customer organisational re-structure and the addition of new technologies. Sometimes this change can be frustrating and lead to delays in the Project but one area often overlooked in a requirements change is the impact it has on the testing. You may have written a large number of tests which are relied on to ensure that the code meets the requirements but now that these have changed, how do I know if the tests are still valid?


In the Elevenses today you will learn:

- How to integrate requirements management tools with VectorCAST for a single, seamless development environment

- How to link software requirements to test cases, code coverage results, and pass/fail reports for complete traceability

- How to track test cases that are impacted when requirements change