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  • The Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution – An Overview
Webinar Recording


Duration: 55 Minuten

Sprache: Englisch

Panelists: Jan Großmann and Phanuel Hieber

The Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution – An Overview


The Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution features a lot of tools for analyzing, simulating and testing the charging communication between an e-vehicle (EV) and a charging station (EVSE). These tools can be used on all integration levels: from first hardware-independent software level where only the communication stack is available to system level with complete EVs or EVSEs. The Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution supports all three charging standards:  CCS, GB/T and CHAdeMO. 

Learn in this live webinar how to benefit from the products of the Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution.


1. Introduction / Overview
2. Simulation

  • How are the different charging standards supported with CANoe Option SmartCharging?
  • Using the VT System, e.g. VT7870, as interface hardware to CANoe

3. Testing

  • Necessity of conformance and interoperability testing
  • Our solution for this testing challenge: CANoe Test Packages for EV and EVSE
  • Flexible test systems for different System Under Tests (SUT)

4. Analysis

  • Challenges in analyzing a CCS communication
  • Analyzing TLS encrypted communication for ISO 15118 plug-and-charge (PnC)
  • New test hardware: VH5110 resp. “CCS Listener”

 5. Summary / Outlook

  • Our roadmap as well as further products and features


Target group: Developers and test engineers for EV and EVSE in the area of charging communication.

User profile: Users which already use tools from the Vector E-Mobility Testing Solution but also new users.