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Webinar Recording


Duration: 60 Minuten

Sprache: Englisch

Panelists: Falco Bapp and Antonio Almeida

Protect ECUs Against Cyber Attacks – More Protection and Faster Cryptographic Calculation with Hardware Security

Cyber security is becoming increasingly important in the development of future E/E architectures and control devices in vehicles. To accelerate the execution of complex security algorithms, more and more semiconductor manufacturers are integrating so-called Hardware Security Modules (HSM) into their microcontrollers. However, these HSMs also require efficient and highly flexible software.


In this webinar we present Vector's solution: vHSM. This is a firmware for hardware security modules. It also includes cryptographic services that run on a secure core with isolated memory and, if available, using hardware acceleration. We introduce you to the features of vHSM and its applications. In addition, we will show you two examples of how vHSM interacts with AUTOSAR basic software and a Flash Boot Loader.



  • Introduction "What is an HSM?"
  • Advantages of using an HSM compared to purely software-based solutions
  • Overview of the firmware vHSM, the provided features and cryptographic services
  • Presentation of the interaction with the AUTOSAR basic software and the Flash Bootloader using the examples SecOC and Secure Boot


Target Group

  • Security Engineers and Managers
  • Software Engineers and Architects
  • Software project manager
  • Application developer