Webinar Recording


Duration: 33 Minuten

Sprache: Englisch

Panelists: Jens Buttgereit

CANoe .Car2x: How to Develop and Test Your V2X-Based Driver Assistance Systems

The development, stimulation and test of V2X based advanced driver assistance systems can be very challenging for engineers. A good test tool supports you with a suitable range of functions. This includes a measurement interface with physical access for sending and receiving messages. The test tool must also support the V2X-specific communication protocols and interpret the domain-specific application messages. Furthermore, without security support of the test tool, the device under test can neither be stimulated nor its security functionality tested. Additionally, support for the engineer when creating test scenarios is extremely helpful, as it is difficult to programmatically create and maintain configurations of complex scenarios.


In this webinar, you will learn how CANoe .Car2x can support you during the development and the testing of your V2X-based ADAS functions. We demonstrate how to create scenarios with the Car2x Scenario Editor, how to run them in CANoe and how to visualize data with the Map- and Trace Window. We will also show you how to run your configuration in real mode using the measurement interface VN4610.


Target Group:

  • Test engineers
  • ADAS and ECU developers
  • Research Engineers