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Vector Testing Day – Focus: IoT Systems

Experience our take on developing and testing IoT systems.


In this installment of our Testing Days series, we are all about IoT.

We took a deep dive into the challenges and framework conditions of IoT use cases lately. We found out, that our best-of-breed concepts for developing and testing systems in the automotive industry perfectly translate into the world of IoT.

This testing day is our take on IoT development and testing. While some concepts and methods might already be known to you - we're sure to have several hidden gems for you as well.

Learn & Discuss

  • Overarching concepts for successful and efficient development and testing of IoT systems.
  • Why you might have a gap in your testing landscape.
  • The benefits of virtual environments and insights on stimulation and observation.
  • How to easily access any SUT, locally or via backend.


Time (CET)
13:45 Introduction
Lennert Brinkhoff &
Christian Witt
14:00 - 14:30
Keynote: Development and Test of IoT Systems - Meeting Challenges and Finding Solutions
Ute Katranski
Focus Topic 1: Software-in-the-Loop Testing in Virtual Environments
14:30 - 15:30
Testing Software Applications: Stimulation and Observation in Virtual Environments​
Hands-On: SIL-Testing in Virtual Environments
Marcus Eggenberger
Focus Topic 2: Testing Connected Systems
16:00 - 17:00
Testing IoT Applications: Accessing a System Under Test via Backend or Local Broker
Hands-On: Managing Access to Systems Under Test via Connectivity Hub
Urs Rudolph
Focus Topic 3: Testing Smart Devices Locally
17:30 - 18:30
Testing Smart Devices: Accessing a System Under Test Locally via Different Wireless Interfaces and Protocols
Hands-On: Accessing Local Systems Under Test with the IoT Enabler
Simon Frohn
18:30 Conclusion Lennert Brinkhoff & Christian Witt

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