CANdelaStudio 16 P1

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 16 auf den Stand 16 P1. Nicht geeignet für ältere Versionen. Falls Sie bereits Plugin-/Datenaustausch-Patches für das Service Pack installiert haben: diese sind enthalten.


  • Improve selective Document Upgrade for Porsche (CDS-73790)
    New Document Upgrade [DOCUP-R600], now supporting change of Class Type of Diagnostic Class Template, and non-structural changes in Protocol Services.
  • Trigger Migration of Snapshot Records / Extended Data Records to AUTOSAR (CDS-73829)
    In Expert View, if Protocol Standard [DOC-R140] is "UDS", CANdelaStudio shows two new menu items in the context menu of the "ECU Information" root node:
    "Migrate Snapshot Records (19 04) to v13 AUTOSAR" (shown if there is no "sr"/"sd" Proxy),
    "Migrate Extended Data Records (19 06) to v13 AUTOSAR" (shown if there is no "er"/"ed" Proxy)
    the context menu items run the respective migration (available since v13), see [MIG13-R130].
    Note: this explicit invocation overrides any hard-coded [MIG13-R130-Code] or attribute based [MIG13-R130-No] suppression of migration.

Issues Solved

  • New Document Upgrade: Diagnostic Class Template not Updated (CDS-73802)
    New Document Upgrade [DOCUP-R600] did not update Diagnostic Class Templates; the update was erroneously blocked by TextID differences in Used Protocol Services treated as structural difference.
  • Mux Inconsistent after Changing Text Table (CDS-73236)
    Modify or delete a Text Table entry for which a Mux Case exists, the Case remains to exist for the previous value of the Text Table entry. Preliminary correction: CANdelaStudio cleans up the Mux Cases when you enter the respective Diagnostic Instance.
    Fix erroneously mentioned in v16 Release Notes, but actually merged in 16 P1 only. Root correction (CDS-73708) still open.
  • Crash when creating a new Job Container via right click in the right side (CDS-73765)
    Creating a Job Container worked in the tree, but not in the right side of a Diagnostic Class.
  • Crash When Creating First DTC then Deleting again (CDS-73731)
    In Fault Memory in an empty DTC Table, create then delete a DTC.
  • Compare View opens very slowly for large documents (CDS-73787)
    Comparison of complete documents took 2-3 hours, now ca. 30 sec.
    The GUI had been updated for each one of 60K rows, which additionally had been accessed by a slow method.
  • Link in Rework List Shows "You need a new App" ("Sie benötigen eine neue App") (CDS-73759)
    Links in the Rework List [RWL-R010] shown after a new Document Upgrade erroneously triggered a Windows system dialog.
  • In-Place Modifications in Telegram Table Lost when Switching in Tree (CDS-73748)
    Modify data directly in a v16 Telegram Table, click a tree node.
  • Addressing not Updated in Services List (CDS-73736)
    Optional columns [DIUI-R650-Addr] got updated on re-entry of the Diagnostic Instance only.
  • Wrong Labels for Default Snapshot Data (CDS-73715)
    In Snapshot Records Setup [SRUI-R400], an OBDonUDS Snapshot Record did not have a different label.

DEXT Export 20.2.1

  • DEXT Export of Document Version (CDS-73655): see [DEXT-R070-SDG], not completely covered by v16.


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