DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.24.30 SP1

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 5.24 auf den Stand 5.24 SP1. Nicht geeignet für andere Versionen. Falls Sie die Lizenz auf Ihrem PC bereits aktiviert haben, ist keine erneute Aktivierung der Lizenz notwendig.

Mit DaVinci Configurator 5.24 (SP1) werden die folgenden Änderungen wirksam:

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Improve Performance of Task Mapping Assistant
  • Consider NV_BLOCK_COMPONENT for NvBlockNeed TDSC
  • Task Mapping Properties: Add Column for SwcToEcuMappings
  • Performance Issues in Bus Timing Dialog

Fixed Issues

  • Support new NVRAM Block in Block Assistant
  • AutomaticRteSetup: Handling of Calibration Containers
  • Change Shortname for DcmDSlMainConnection Container
  • .RTE option from Dev license not recognized
  • Path variable for VASE file
  • Include the AdminData and FileInfoComment of the AUTOSAR root node into the Communication ARXML file
  • Derive SoAdTxUpperLayerType and SoAdRxUpperLayerType according to TCP connection
  • NullPointerException in DataMappingValidationRule For Multiple Mapped Signal Groups
  • Derive SoAdSocketRoutes and SoAdPduRoutes for Multicast Sockets
  • NullPointerException when hovering over context menu entry "Copy"
  • Merge PDUs with same connection into same SoAdPduRoute
  • Make 'Combine Triggers of a Function' Optional in All Task Mapping Assistants
  • Not all DoIPChannels are derived due to missing DoIPTargetAddresses
  • DoIP requires SoAdSocketConnection references in SoAd PDU routes
  • Derive new routine parameter types into DcmDspRoutineSignalType
  • Grid Column Filter: Disable Autoselect Search Result as Default
  • Filters activated in sequence are not applied
  • Adapt Memory Block Assistant for IUMPR block
  • Derive SoAdSocketConnection(-Group)s for multicast sockets
  • Derive AgingAllowed out of the DiagnosticTroubleCodeProps
  • Derivation aborts if SoConIPduIdentifier does not reference a PduTriggering
  • Improve RTE51033 Validation Message
  • Too many SoAdRoutingGroup referenced by SoAdTxRoutingGroupRef or SoAdRxRoutingGroupRef
  • SecOcCryptoServiceMapping is not derived


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