CANdelaStudio 15 SP1

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 14 auf den Stand 14 SP1. Der Service Pack setzt eine bereits installierte Version 14 voraus und ist nicht geeignet für ältere Versionen.


  • PREEvision Data Exchange updated for PREEvision 10
  • DEXT Import imports Session/Security information (DDIT-1081)
    DEXT Import [DEXTI-R020-Ses].

DEXT Export 19.0.1 (R26)

  • Integrate DDM 19.0.1 (CDS-73303)
    See [IBP-R050] and [DEXT-R050].
  • Export Function Inhibition (FIM) (CDS-72800)
  • Export WWHOBD data identifier only if WWHOBD is active [DEXT-R237]
  • Export routine info byte [DEXT-R560]
  • Support reference to external ECU instance [DEXT-R245]
  • Make qualifier of parameters unique [DEXT-R236]
  • Extend the VAG diagnostic data import to support Snapshot and Extended Data Records [DEXT-R347]
  • Export includes the Trigger and Update properties of Snapshot Records [DEXT-R348-SR] and Extended Data Records [DEXT-R348-EDR] (R26, CDS-73249).

SWC Sync

  • Allow DTC synchronization through matching of event names (SWCSYNC-195)
    SWC Sync treats a DTC as synchronization target if it is referenced by an event whose name matches the short name of a TBS DTC extracted (ignoring potential prefixes of the short name).

Issues Solved

  • Crash in ODX Export for a Library in Library List (CDS-73213)
    Context menu in Library List, workaround: use the context menu for the Library in the tree.
  • Crash in ODX Export for Linear Computation with 64-Bit Integer (CDC-44616)
    The constellation was not supported so far. For 64-Bit integer, see [DTENC-R200].
  • Down migration of Array Length > 64K to a version < 15 produces invalid names (CDC-44595, CDC-44594)
    In documents containing more than one language, in languages other than the one currently opened [DOCUI-R200-Current], the contents of a non-translated name was not preserved but erroneously set translated.
  • Avoid Function Inhibition in User Defined Fault Memory (CDC-44589)
    Respect [FIM-R020-UserDef].

5 Character Rule:

  • Support additional 5 character prefixes (CDC-44536)
    Prefix "SCH" for State Groups, "ST" for States.
  • 5 Character Rule recomputes State and StateGroups even if already compliant (CDC-44598)


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