vMeasure exp 3.0 SP5

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 3.0 auf den Stand 3.0 SP5.

Die folgenden Änderungen werden mit SP5 wirksam:

Measurement Data Acquisition

  • CAN monitor: "Don't care" data will be ignored in the displays.

Measurement Data Visualization and Manual Analysis

  • The count of digits of values from color tables was increased to support values greater then 10E6.
  • The tooltip window for signal values in Graphic Windows uses the shortening rules for signal names.
  • Multi-digit signal-value indices of Graphic Windows are printed correctly.
  • When the difference cursor is activated, the difference of added signals will be displayed at once.

Working with Measurement Files

  • MATLAB and Excel export converter now support the extended LAB file syntax which has been introduced in 17.0.
  • The controls of the confirmation dialog that is displayed when deleting a measurement file are visible even if the file comment is very long.
  • The MATLAB Export converter ignores structures and exports just the structures' signals.
  • Measurement comments up to 10.000 characters are supported by the Excel, ASCII and MATLAB Export converter.
  • The MDF Shell Extension saves the values of user-defined properties also when the properties dialog is closed with OK.
  • The MATLAB Export converter will save signals with more than 8192 missing values correctly into the fixed time raster format.
  • The MDF Shell Extension will display the file preview independent from the .NET version of the applications.


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