vTESTstudio 2.0.50 SP3

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 2.0 auf den Stand 2.0 SP3. Der Service Pack setzt eine bereits installierte und gültige Version 2.0 voraus und ist nicht anwendbar für andere Versionen. Eine bereits aktivierte Lizenz von vTESTstudio 2.0 ist auch für den Service Pack gültig.

Liste der Änderungen:

Minimum required CANoe version for the usage of full functional range in vTESTstudio 2.0 SP3:

CANoe 8.5 SP4

Minimum required CANoe version for the usage of limited feature set in vTESTstudio 2.0 SP3:

CANoe 8.2 SP5

More details about vTESTstudio/CANoe version compatibility can be found on our Website.

With vTESTstudio Service Pack 3, the following changes become effective:


  • Support of datatype ‘Data’ (byte array) for system variables, parameters and interface functions, e.g. for setting, storing and checking diagnostic parameters of type ‘Data’.


  • ReqIF format supported for the import of trace items. Thus requirements of various requirements management tools can now be imported “out-of-the-box”, e.g. from IBM DOORS NG.
  • Changes to existing trace items - triggered by a further trace item import – are displayed in the Traceability Matrix. This enables easy locating and adaption of affected test case implementations.
  • Easy creation of test cases in the Test Table Editor by drag & drop of trace items out of the Trace Item Explorer. Created test cases are automatically linked with the corresponding trace items. Drag & drop of single trace items and entire folder structures possible.
  • Optionally display trace items in the Trace Item Explorer in the order of the imported trace item file instead of alphabetical sorting.
  • Variant decisions of the Test Diagram Editor now considered in the Traceability Matrix.

Test Diagram Editor:

  • Test case annotations enable definition of test cases independent of the graphical structure, i.e. independent of paths through the test diagram.

Test Table Editor:

  • Test case lists now possible for test case definitions with parameters of type “sysvarNamespace”.

Test Table Editor, Test Diagram Editor:

  • No more restrictions related to the usage of system variables of type ‘Integer (32 bit unsigned)’ and ‘Integer (64 bit unsigned)’.


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