vADASdeveloper 2.0 SP2

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 2.0 auf den Stand 2.0 SP2.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

  • Added preview images for multimedia signals recorded with CANape component
  • Optimized CML editor
  • Remote interface enhancement
  • Individual camera calibration for LayeredGraphics
  • Bird's eye view

    • Improved legend display
    • Ellipse adjustment

  • Improved player

    • Support of same channel names
    • Support of string based signals
    • Usage of double arrays
    • Further performance improvements for large MDF Files

Kategorie : Service Pack
Größe : 485.81 MB
MD5-Hash : 1357f8f82a52e284bffc2d8570d2cb6f
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