DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.4.28 SP3

Kategorie : Service Pack
Größe : 364.83 MB
MD5-Hash : d47f034371d1ff54b04fe32f3fe0adbf

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 5.4 auf den Stand 5.4.28 (SP3). Nicht geeignet für andere Versionen. Falls Sie die Lizenz auf Ihrem PC bereits aktiviert haben, ist keine erneute Aktivierung der Lizenz notwendig.

With Service Pack 6, the following changes become effective:

New Features:

  • Support AUTOSAR 3.2.1 specification
  • ReadOnly mode for GENy components (with each project handling current state of 'lock' itself)
  • Recorder for ECUC changes
  • Create a stripped down package with information for support requests.
  • Support sorting according to SymbolicNameValue in GCE view.
  • Change order of containers in GCE view with MoveUp and MoveDown option.
  • Support extended filter functionality in all combobox columns of tables.
  • 1st Level Validation should be executed completely and independent of existence of Validation.xml.
  • Improved performance for loading and saving large ECUC files.
  • Improved performance for applying preconfiguration and recommended configuration.
  • Improved performance for opening/switching view with extensive Actions
  • New option '$(Package)' for external tools.
  • Allow saving a 'purged' configuration of modules (= without preconfiguration) into ECUC file.
  • Provide 'Find Entity ...' as toolbar icon of project explorer for quick access.
  • Provide quick access to module preferences in context menu of architecture.
  • Harmonization of ECU contents (for float values and empty elements) with GENy and DaVinci Developer.
  • Results of 'Detect Unresolved References' now support Jump-To-Error feature.

MICROSAR Generator

  • Omit printing the same (Validation) message too often.
  • Use only required modules for conversion of ECUC file to different AUTOSAR revision, not complete ECUC file.

Fixed issues

  • F6 key support for opening special dialogs does not always work
  • Architecture 'Compare To ...' dialog mixes 'shown' and 'to-be-saved' values of parameters
  • Package license does not work if UNC-notation is used for path definition
  • Unexpected windows sound on field editing
  • XCopy Installation raises wrong 'No controller information available in ...' error message
  • Correct license activation is not recognized in rare cases
  • Starting with dpa-file for invalid package license results in access violation
  • MODULE-DESCRIPTION-REF is not written into ECUC file
  • F5 key creates new values for some parameters and references
  • XSL-Generation does not work for splitted ECUC
  • Validation with external tools does not work for split ECUC
  • Merged ECUC file for external tools uses wrong AUTOSAR revision
  • Scrollbars are not shown if not all input fields fit on view of module
  • Default value is shown in View but will not be saved
  • Reference targets will not be found in Group which uses SUB-PACKAGES in module definition
  • Labels are missing sometimes when using Windows 7
  • 'Not empty' check will not be executed correctly for Identifiers of new Container
  • Some Containers are not selectable in GCE view
  • Access violation may occur when deleting UserBlocks in NvM
  • ComSignals can be added while in ReadOnly mode
  • Context menu does not show correct types of Sub-Containers in GCE view
  • After Validation ParameterHelp does no longer work correctly
  • Splitter above Table is not shown correctly
  • Architecture is empty when closing and reopening it
  • PrettyPrint of ECUC file invalidates empty VALUE-REF nodes
  • Minimum relation of Containers is not considered correctly when creating new project
  • DaVinci Project Assistant does not get ECUC-lock when started from 'File/Project Assistant/Project Settings...'
  • PreConfiguration and Recommended Configuration for reference values is not applied correctly.
  • Recommended Configuration and Recommended Class Configuration are not applied correctly for ConfigurationSets.
  • Commmandline Generation does not accept different camelcase spelling of module.
  • Creating 'Dem Events' in 3rd party Dem fails
  • Generation of WdgIf fails for values of WdgExt
  • Cascaded Preconfigured Class Configuration and Recommended Class Configuration are not applied correctly.
  • Automatic update of Reference values does not work correctly in some cases
  • Values of Instance-References are not loaded
  • 'Del' key is working in locked GCE view


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