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DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.15.9

Ergänzt MICROSAR-Lieferungen um den DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.15. Nicht geeignet für andere Versionen. Falls Sie die Lizenz auf Ihrem PC bereits aktiviert haben, ist keine erneute Aktivierung der Lizenz notwendig.



Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Support ASR4.3 Schema
  • Support DaVinci Developer 4.0
  • Improved vVIRTUALtarget configuration
  • Reworked and homogeneous context menues
  • Support of two Flexray communication controllers
  • Simplification of the Delete Module Assistant
  • Display CanTpNSa, CanTpNTa and CanTpNAe in Transport Protocol Editor
  • Postbuild-Selectable: Support of variance in Diagnostic Data Identifiers Editor
  • Performance: Optional deactivation of auto-solving actions to avoid GUI blocking time
  • Find View: Support of system description elements
  • Improved BSWM logical expression assistant for postbuild-selectable use cases
  • RTE configuration: support of execution order constraints and timing constraints
  • Support of description-based signal routing

Fixed Issues

  • Exception is shown when using "- Show all -" after project close
  • Postbuild-Selectable: Variant specific renaming of container isn't possible
  • Configurable option of silent update of DaVinci Developer workspace
  • Unhandled Event Loop Exception when updating Properties View after disconnecting connectors in the ECU Software Components editor
  • Wrong derivation of PnFilterMask
  • Display error annotations in the grid of the Task Mapping Editor
  • Wrong row selected during refresh of application connectors grid after adding/removing connection
  • Support multi-selection of Standard Configuration Files in Input File Editor
  • Derive CanIfHrh container for NmRangePdus
  • Stop file supervision during project update
  • Derive parameter NmCoordinator only if the container NmCoordinator exists and refers to a NmNode
  • Derive ComFirstTimeout for AUTOSAR 4.3
  • Derive the parameter SecOCFreshnessValueId
  • Error annotations are displayed on unexpected mode ports
  • SoAdRxUpperLayerType and SoAdTxUpperLayerType as specified in AUTOSAR 4.3
  • Missing ComSignalLength for ComGwSourceDescription
  • Do not derive routed SecOc Tx and Rx Pdus
  • Derive CanIfRxPduUserRxIndicationUL and CanIfTxPduUserTxConfirmationUL for SecOc PDUs
  • Derive FrIfUserRxIndicationUL and FrIfUserTxUL for SecOc PDUs
  • Missing [Can/Fr]IfUserTxConfirmation and [Can/Fr]IfUserRxIndication for SecOc Pdus contained in ContainerIPdus
  • SWC template generation GUI does not support cancellation
  • Do not derive FrIf/FrIfConfig/FrIfCluster/FrIfController/FrIfCtrlIdx
  • Move up and move down buttons of generator steps are always disabled
  • Update of a variant project fails if criterion names and variant names don't match
  • Derive the parameters ComGwDestinationDescription/ComUpdateBitPosition and ComGwSourceDescription/ComUpdateBitPosition
  • SoAdRxUpperLayerType and SoAdTxUpperLayerType not derived correct for DcmIPdus


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