DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.11.35 SP5

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 5.11 auf den Stand 5.11 SP5. Nicht geeignet für andere Versionen. Falls Sie die Lizenz auf Ihrem PC bereits aktiviert haben, ist keine erneute Aktivierung der Lizenz notwendig.

With Service Pack 5 (Update to 5.11 Build 35) the following changes become effective:

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Provide possibility to import differences regarding derived Configuration Elements
  • Improve pool license handling within DaVinci Configurator

Fixed Issues

  • User Annotations are not considered by diff and merge feature
  • SWC Generation creates non AR conform swCalibrationAccess-Properties for Type-References
  • Filtered validation view displays resuls twice and faulty
  • Commandline generator in Asr3 use case reports a SIP update warning
  • Postbuild Loadable should be defined during Project Setup (Diagnostic-Only support)
  • Differences Views don't display value for objects of type MIReferenceValue
  • Clicking on "+" does not expand the node in the DifferencesView
  • Instance reference cannot be edited on Japanese Windows systems


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