DaVinci Configurator Pro SP1

Kategorie : Service Pack
Größe : 146.59 MB
MD5-Hash : 686da34387afb8b9c38a6a149586bb3e

Enthält das vollständige Setup von DaVinci Configurator Pro (SP1). Zum Betrieb ist eine Lizenz der Version 4.0 oder höher notwendig. Falls Sie die Lizenz auf Ihrem PC bereits aktiviert haben, ist keine erneute Aktivierung der Lizenz notwendig.


  • Exception on loading project with WdgIf config
  • Wrong display reference value in WdgRef if referring to other Wdg instance than Wdg

Hotfix - not distributed


  • Keyman Dongle stalls application with some USB devices
  • EcuM generator prints wrong error message for missing preconfigured configuration of CanTrcv_Generic1CanDio


  • Wrong installation of AR322 schema revision support
  • New AUTOSAR 4 version element results in 'wrong' warning when loading project
  • AUTOSAR 4 - BSW-IMPL node will not be found in some cases
  • Loading project creates duplicates of nested containers sometimes
  • JumpTo-functionality of message window may lead to crash

DaVinci Configurator Pro 4.1 SP1

New features

  • Print 'display name' of configuration entity created from long-name definition in GCE, parameter help...
  • Allow user to switch between LongNames and ShortName in GCE
  • Extend auto-set mechanism for enumeration parameters with one literal
  • Extend GCE with comment column to ease usage of comments
  • Add 'Create desktop shortcut' of current project to main menu
  • Provide new menu items of context menu in project explorer for all actions that are project-relevant
  • Show definition references in module list of project options
  • Support new license dongle (Vector Keyman)
  • Enable dll-lock-mapping for GENy-modules Eth, EthIf, EthSm, EthTrcv
  • Support AUTOSAR 3.2.2 specification

MICROSAR Generator

  • Provide $(DpaProjectFile) variable in external generator settings
  • Generation of %.Object% does no longer work correctly for each case
  • Generation of %.AbsoluteTargetDir% and %.TargetDir% does no longer work
  • Generationg with -m IoHwAbstraction fails with 'no definition found...' error message
  • Misleading message of 'No license found for module 'Dio'' on starting generator with -m Dio option corrected
  • Generating EcuM prints error message regarding to missing Mcu param

Fixed issues

  • First column is set read-only sometimes
  • Exception on parsing sip with corrupted file structure
  • Reference to inactive module may lead to crash when loading project
  • Missing online help for license manager
  • Issue with update of modified data on saving project
  • Wrong position of 'delete block' button in NvM blockdescription table
  • Emphasize is not shown with related editor frame in time
  • Recommended configuration for ForeignReference is not considered correctly
  • Reloading reference value fails sometimes
  • Splitted ecuc file - Board will be removed from EcuConfiguration/ModuleRefs list
  • JumpTo does not focus GCE if selected parameter is not found in comfort view
  • Empty arxml file will be saved for SIP with non-AUTOSAR-modules
  • Compare To... displays current project filename instead selected one
  • BSW-Implementation dialog does not show version information for AUTOSAR 4.0
  • Recommended configuration and Preconfiguration are not applied correctly for AUTOSAR 4.0
  • Use of JumpTo-functionality may result in crash

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