CANdelaStudio 9.1 SP1 Patch3

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 9.1 auf den Stand 9.1 SP1 P3. Der Service Pack setzt eine bereits installierte Version 9.1 voraus und ist nicht geeignet für ältere Versionen. Falls Sie bereits Plugin-/Datenaustausch-Patches für das Service Pack installiert haben: diese sind nicht enthalten, bitte installieren Sie diese Patches erneut, nachdem Sie das Service Pack installiert haben.

Issues Solved

  • DID Selection for "Add DID Reference" Shows few DIDs (CDS-70836 merges CDS-70756 of v11)
    Wrong: the dialog showed only DIDs referenced in all variants. Correct: see [DID-D020].
  • Slow Redraw of Fault Memory with Byte Field (CDS-70858 merges CDS-70832 of v11)
    Graphical telegram view was slow for a large telegram, now shortened at 24 bytes, see [DOUIG-R210].
  • Crash with Export to RTF or ODX (CDS-70867 merges CDS-70435 of v10)
    Occurs if Fault Memory based on the 8.2 data model does not contain a DTC list.
  • Output Window Suppresses Line 2 (CDS-70879 merges CDS-69858 of v10)
    In consistency check, for the warning: "Content of ...: Minimum size of data must be 8 bits", the second part "Minimum size..." was not visible in Output Window.
  • Crash when Clicking "zz" (CDS-70900)
    Clicking a hyperlink in the Service Abstract, occurs in 9.1 and v10.
  • Deleting all Requirements Slow (CDS-70870 merges CDS-70257 of v10)
    Tree - Requirements
  • Update Requirements Does not Update Data Type Properties (CDS-70873 merges CDS-69873 of v10)
    A requirement with bit length or display format non-empty: the CANdelaStudio update of requirements updates the non-empty properties so that the result does not have a conflict, see [RQ-R580-Data].


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