CANdelaStudio 9.0 SP1

Bringt bestehende Installationen der Version 9.0 auf den Stand 9.0 SP1. Der Service Pack setzt eine bereits installierte Version 9.0 voraus und ist nicht geeignet für ältere Versionen.

Die folgenden Änderungen werden mit Service Pack 1 wirksam:

User Interface

  • Show Segment Number Independent of Attribute Category (CDS-69251)
    Segment_Number attribute, see [TREE-210].

Data Exchange

  • Integrate DDM 12.0.2 for DEXT Export (CDS-69227)
    Menu File | Export [DEXT-R050].
  • ODX Export: avoid warnings for communication parameters that are necessary for the Vector toolchain (ODXE-5657)
  • Changes in SWC Sync

Issues Solved

  • CANdelaStudio crashes when multiple documents are opened and documents are switched (CDS-69322)
    Inspect telegram table in two documents with graphical view disabled, switch between the documents.
  • Session Wizard Crashes if no Identifier Available (CDS-69265)
    Session Wizard, after confirmation "no unused identifier available" - diagnostic instances exist for all identifier values of the linked data type [DCLT-R400].
  • Crash when clicking edit button in mux view of 19 06 (CDS-68944)
    Opening the special 19 06 Wizard.
  • Dialog for Adding DTCs by Reference Shows "Attempted an unsupported operation" (CDS-68939)
    In DTC list on "Reference from available DTCs", CANdelaStudio showed "Attempted an unsupported operation", not the DTC selection dialog. Workaround: use copy/paste. Published in the Knowledge Base Article CANdelaStudio 9.0 Shows „Attempted an unsupported operation“ in DTC List.
  • Column "Used" Always "Yes" in 9.0 DTC Pool (CDS-69130)
  • Lock of Libraries: Don't allow to remove ECU-SHARED-DATA (CDS-68898)
    In a locked variant, the context menu entry "Remove reference to ECU-SHARED-DATA" on a diagnostic instance referenced is now disabled; dito the buttons "Add DID", "Delete DID" and "Select from Repository" in DID overview.
  • Authorization is reset when pasting containers as reference (CDS-68958)
    Paste diagnostic instance as a reference into a library, authorization "modify primary" [DIA-R040] must be preserved.
  • Wrong Plug-Ins are executed in Batch Mode when another has deactivated Batch Mode (CDS-68974)
    Menu Tools > Plug-Ins (Batch Mode)
  • CANdelaStudio starts on second monitor that is not connected (CDS-68957)
    If the CANdelaStudio main window position is on a not visible screen area or monitor, it now moves the main window to the visible main screen.
  • Endless loop when clicking on diagnostic instance with variant coding keys (CDS-69040)
    With output window always on top, open a diagnostic instance having Variant Coding Keys enabled (which are possibly empty).

Snapshot Data:

  • Combining CommonSnapshotData Deletes DTC Specific DIDs (CDS-69209)
    In the 8.2 Fault Memory, in the "Snapshot Data" column, switch to Snapshot Data used by another Snapshot Record. Afterwards, DTC specific Snapshot Data for that other Snapshot Data was lost.
  • Creating new CommonSnapshotData Deletes Previous DTC Specific DIDs (CDS-69106)
    In the 8.2 Fault Memory, in the "Snapshot Data" column, do context menu "New Snapshot Data" [SR-R248]. Afterwards, DTC specific Snapshot Data for the previous Snapshot Data was lost. Note: "New Snapshot Data" is available only if the template setting allows Snapshot Data individual per Snapshot Record.
  • Get Rid of Fatal Error About DID in Global and DTC Specific Snapshot Data (CDS-69048)
    For a document erroneously containing a DID both in the Common Snapshot Data and in DTC specific snapshot data, CANdelaStudio does no more reject loading.
  • DID Contained in DTC Specific Snapshot Data Can Be Added to Global Ones (CDS-69047)
    In the 8.2 Fault Memory, in the Common Snapshot Data list ("Data of..."), CANdelaStudio did not prevent from adding a DID which has already been added as DTC specific within a variant.

SWC Sync:

  • Treat init values from ASR as physical values, not as coded values (SWCSYNC-26)
  • Prevent invalid data type usage in complex aggregates (SWCSYNC-35)


  • Do not install older versions of bundled products (CDS-68894, MSI-40364)
    Don't install ODXStudio if a newer version has already been installed


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