CANoe.DiVa 14 SP3

Bringt bestehende Installationen der CANoe-Erweiterung "DiVa" Version 14 auf den Stand 14 SP2. Nicht geeignet für CANoe-Installationen ohne die Erweiterung DiVa.

Benötigte CANoe Version

  • Vector CANoe 14

Neue Funktionen

  • Updates for various OEM extension

Issues solved

  • Open report was sometimes slow
  • Response validation for responses > 4096 bytes
  • Improved user interface performance for diagnostic data with many parameters
  • Trace items were not correctly exported to Traceability Matrix in some cases
  • CAN FD TP-Tests: No check of STmin between FF and CF


Größe : 78.82 MB
MD5-Hash : 5231336d9d9b3f7dfb36c97b57c9b533
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