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This page contains download links for the production versions of the VectorCAST software. If you need a version not posted here, please contact our support team. To be notified when new releases are available, please subscribe to the RSS feed for VectorCAST. For instructions on how to setup an RSS feed, please see How To Setup an RSS Feed for Notification of VectorCAST Releases.

The product installers for the VectorCAST software releases available on this page have been encrypted with a password. To see how to decrypt the product installer please see the KB article, Decrypting VectorCAST Installers (KB0013063). As of March 15, 2021, customers receive the password for the encrypted installers in the e-mail for their VectorCAST software license key. You can also request to have the password emailed to you by filling in this web form or you may ask our support team for the password.

Please note that all VectorCAST products (VectorCAST/QA, VectorCAST/C++, VectorCAST/Ada, VectorCAST/Coupling) are included in the executable for each platform below. License keys are required to activate each specific product.

To run VectorCAST 2021

  • license server must be at least FLEXlm version 11.16.1
  • a license file that supports the 2021 version
  • supported on Windows 64-bit or Linux 64-bit (see the VectorCAST Installation Guide for more information) 

Beginning with VectorCAST version 2021, VectorCAST's Python implementation (vpython) is Python 3 compliant. As a result, any existing custom RSPs and custom Python scripts using Python 2.7 will need to be reviewed and upgraded as necessary so as to be Python 3 compliant. For help with upgrading your python scripts, please see the Application Note: VectorCAST Python 2 to Python 3 Upgrade.

To run VectorCAST 2021, you must have a license file that supports the 2021 version. For customers under maintenance and support contracts, there is a free upgrade to VectorCAST 2021. Please contact your local sales representative. For VectorCAST 2021, please see Case 92153 in the Release Notes for the earliest supported versions of VectorCAST environments that can be imported to this release.

Previous Releases

Release Notes

Version Release Date
2021 Release Notes

FLEXlm Distributions

Version File
Linux 64-bit fnp_11_18_0_lnx86_64.tar.gz
Windows 64-bit