Automotive Ethernet Design
PREEvision Use Case

PREEvision – Designing Service-Oriented Architectures and Ethernet in Vehicles

PREEvision Automotive Ethernet
Design of Ethernet networks from scratch.

With the increasing demand for networking and connectivity, Ethernet has become a widely used bus technology in the automotive industry.

PREEvision supports the AUTOSAR compliant design of Ethernet networks and clusters including the corresponding communication. The model-based engineering environment also enables service-oriented architectures for embedded software systems.


  • Dedicated UI for an Ethernet design from scratch
  • Consistency checks facilitate an AUTOSAR compliant design
  • SOA diagrams for a service-oriented architecture design
  • Modeling of services and service interfaces
  • Switch configuration to define VLANs and Quality of Service
  • Signal router considers switch configuration and synthesizes communication artifacts
  • AUTOSAR import and export for Ethernet systems

The Use Case

Ethernet in automotive allows appropriate bandwidths for applications and communication within the vehicle, as well as between the vehicle and its environment or the internet.

Initially used for onboard diagnostics, communication with electric charging stations and camera-based driver assistance systems, the application areas of Ethernet are still expanding.

PREEvision Automotive Ethernet
Automotive Ethernet communication design worklflow in PREEvision.

PREEvision supports the design of Ethernet networks from scratch. Dedicated diagrams, editors, automations and synthesis functions help to quickly set up an AUTOSAR-compliant Ethernet design including the communication design.

Functions / Features

Ethernet Explorer

PREEvision Ethernet Explorer
Dedicatetd user interface with editors and functions needed to design and define an Ethernet network.

The Ethernet explorer is PREEvision's dedicatetd user interface that provides all the editors and functions needed to design and define an Ethernet network. It intuitively leads through the design process starting with the definition of abstract services leading all the way through to the specification of Ethernet signals and socket addresses.

The explorer supports an Ethernet design from scratch. But it also provides many entry points, if parts of the design already exist. The explorer provides editors like tables as well as functions and automations that create a big part of the artifacts needed to design a complete Ethernet network. Much of the annoying and failure prone work is taken over by PREEvision.

SOA Diagram

PREEvision Automotive Ethernet
PREEvision SOA diagram for abstract definition of use cases and derived services.

Though service-oriented architectures (‘SOAs’) have been used for years in the IT industry, service-oriented design just recently became significant in the automotive industry. Ethernet networks are often used for implementation.

For an abstract definition of use cases and the derived services, service roles and service interfaces, PREEvision provides the SOA diagram. The UML-based graphical notation expresses dependencies and relations within a service-oriented architecture.

To visualize the dependencies between services, service providers and service consumers can be defined that exchange information via SOA ports that are later typed by service interfaces.

Service Implementation

PREEvision Automotive Ethernet
Schematic illustration of services and middleware.

One of the basic characteristics of Ethernet designs compared to the traditional bus systems in automotive is the concept of services instead of a function-driven approach.

PREEvision supports the definition of services including service roles and their service interfaces.

Services can be graphically modeled in a SOA diagram. In principal, the SOA design in PREEvision is technology independent. But a technology mapping to AUTOSAR classic is well supported. Service interfaces are then implemented with software components.

Service Deployment

PREEvision supports the setup of a hardware topology, i.e. a network of sensors, actuators, ECUs and power supply. Mixed topologies with other bus technologies in addition to Ethernet such as CAN, LIN, or FlexRay and that are connected via gateways can also be designed.

You may also use an existing topology integrated into the model via PREEvision's import functions. The software components implementing the service interfaces can be deployed to either hardware components like ECUs or, in more detail, to socket addresses.

PREEvision Automotive Ethernet
From service design to communication design.

Switch Configuration

PREEvision Automotive Ethernet
Switch topology with point to point connections.

In Ethernet all connections are point to point connections linked by switches.

The switched network of an Ethernet cluster can be logically separated in different virtual networks.

The separation of the communication in so-called VLANs can be used for security reasons or to define different levels of quality of service.

PREEvision supports either a manual switch configuration, which will be respected by the signal router. Or the signal router can set up an initial switch configuration that can later be edited.

Signal Router and Communication Design

PREEvision's signal router, mainly used for signal routing in CAN or for the wiring routing, is a powerful tool in designing Ethernet networks as well. The signal router not only finds communication paths, but can also create a valid switch configuration if needed. And it synthesizes a lot of the communication artifacts needed for a consistent design.

And essential work step in Ethernet communication design is the definition of sockets in terms of their IP address, transport protocol, and port. While a description of socket addresses suffices for AUTOSAR Adaptive, for AUTOSAR Classic the signal level must also be specified. The signal router and further automations and synthesis functions take over good deal of the failure prone creation of communication artifacts.

PREEvision AUTOSAR Communication - Service and Ethernet Design
Service and communication design for Ethernet in PREEvision.

AUTOSAR Import and Export

PREEvision provides a technology mapping to AUTOSAR classic which also supports Ethernet. Accordingly Ethernet designs can be exported or imported via AUTOSAR.

As a part of the Vector AUTOSAR tool chain, PREEvision works with CANoe, DaVinci Developer and DaVinci Configurator Pro.

AUTOSAR Version System Description Software Component Description ECU Extract System Extract
3.2.2 Import Import - -
4.0.3 Import/Export Import/Export Export Export
4.1.1 Import/Export Import/Export Export Export
4.2.2* Import/Export Import/Export Export Export

The table shows which AUTOSAR formats can be exported in which AUTOSAR version (*since PREEvision 8.0). On request you receive detailed information for support of the ARXML schema.

The publication of AUTOSAR Adaptive in March 2017 is an important step to an industry-wide standardization of service-oriented architectures. PREEvision will offer a technology mapping for AUTOSAR Adaptive in the near future.


Technical Articles

PREEvision UML-Ethernet

Service-Oriented Architectures and Ethernet in Vehicles

Towards data centers on wheels with model-based methods

Service-oriented architectures (‘SOAs’) have been used for years in the IT industry to describe and structure distributed systems. However, service-oriented design is also becoming extremely significant in the automobile industry: how else can customers’ increasingly urgent demand to adapt the scope of functions of the automobile, similar to the possibilities of today’s smartphones, be met reliably? It is also necessary to handle additional requirements from model maintenance and to introduce technology such as autonomous driving and vehicle-to-X communication.

The development tool PREEvision supports the methodical, consistent design of a service-oriented architecture. The user is guided from the definition of the service interfaces, through specification of the interaction of services, to an AUTOSAR compliant Ethernet design through an integrated workflow. If other bus technologies such as CAN, LIN, or FlexRay are also to be used in addition to Ethernet, mixed topologies can also be designed. Thus PREEvision accompanies the system designer through the challenging task of combining classic embedded design with modern service orientation and the necessary back-end communication – and thereby supports the transformation of the automobile into a data center on wheels.

Translation of a German-language publication "Elektronik automotive", special "Ethernet" 2017

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