Radar Sensor Testing
Closed Loop Setup with Vector DYNA4 and UniqueSec ASGARD

Radar Sensor Over-The-Air Testing in Closed Loop with DYNA4 and ASGARD

Radar sensors play an important role in automotive driver assistance systems to detect the environment of the vehicle. Over-the-air stimulation has become a key solution to testing real radar sensors in the laboratory to eliminate real test drives. The more complex the test scenarios get, the more beneficial it is to couple simulation software to perform virtual test drives in simulated environments.

The Advantages

  • Reduction of test drive time and cost during R&D

  • Easy verification of autonomous driving functions even in dangerous scenarios

  • Fast cycle of research to deployment by providing ground-truth

  • Over-the-air stimulation including possiblefault injection in HIL

  • Realistic testing with the real sensor or vehicle and inclusion of frequency and transparency effects in the tests

Closed-Loop Setup

System configuration for closed-loop simulation
System configuration for closed-loop simulation

Vector DYNA4 calculates the vehicle as well as the radar target positions and converts the detections to a virtual sensor coordinate system. The radar targets are sent via UDP to ASGARD (Radar Target Simulator from UniqueSec), to emulate electromagnetic echos for the real hardware radar sensor. The sensor output can be validated in ASGARD user interface and also be used to stimulate ADAS functions, such as ACC or AEB, running in DYNA4 (SIL, MIL) or on various real-time platforms (HIL).

DYNA4 Key Features

Visualization of the scene with road, traffic and sensors
Visualization of the scene with road, traffic and sensors in DYNA4

  • Vehicle under test and traffic scenarios
    • Detailed vehicle dynamic simulation
    • Deterministic & stochastic traffic scenarios

  • Sensor models
    • Integrated sensors provide required information such as distances, relative speeds, RCS and more
    • Different levels of details (occlusion, detection point)
    • Various output formats (API specific, OSI, user defined)

  • Environment with realistic OpenDRIVE road networks and fully automated 3D visualization
  • Your ADAS functions integrated from MIL, SIL to HIL
  • Framework and usability
    • Easy implementation of test system API interface, since simulation models are based on Simulink
    • Access to all signals for easy fault injection
    • Support of master/slave execution modes

  • More about DYNA4

ASGARD Key Features

Flexible radar reflection emulation environment ASGARD1
Flexible radar reflection emulation environment ASGARD1
  • Flexible frequency-based OTA radar target simulator for creating point cloud of up to 256 independent radar reflector points
  • Patented technology designed to meet requirements of automotive radar validation
  • Possibility to emulate distance, speed and RCS of targets in ASGARD1
  • Minimal distance (20cm) enabling simulation of very close targets
  • Completely electronic angle perception generation in ASGARD2
  • Scalable and future-proof technology to address next generation of radars
  • More about ASGARD

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