CANape log
Managing Demanding ADAS Logging Tasks Efficiently and Flexibly

CANape log – ADAS Logging Efficient and Flexible

CANape log is the powerful combination of the CANape calibration and measurement tool with the Vector Logger hardware and is part of the new Vector Smart Logger Family. With CANape log you can use your CANape project unchanged in development and also directly in vehicle testing. You get a robust and easy-to-use solution for time-synchronous, high-performance recording of measurement data from a wide variety of sources. You benefit from the wide range of functions, very high data rates and flexible scalability of CANape as a stand-alone logger in the automotive environment, especially in your ADAS projects.


  • Recording everything: CANape log lets you record sensor data, complex protocols such as SOME/IP, ground-truth data and much more. The Vector network interfaces give you access to CAN (FD), Automotive Ethernet and FlexRay. The VX1000 product family gives you access to all sensor raw and debugging data, and of course to all ECU-internal values.
  • Comfortable and fast handling: You can switch easily between Stand-alone and Interactive mode. The user does not have to deal with an additional logging interface. You save time, because both approaches use the same hardware and cabling set up without modification.
  • Use-case-related interface: Familiar CANape interface with full functionality for the expert as well as a simple Web-based interface for monitoring system status in stand-alone logger mode
  • Simply solving complex tasks: The available computing power of the logger hardware enables real-time evaluations, statistical real-time analyses and the calculation of virtual signals at runtime. You can achieve significant data reduction by formulating complex trigger conditions.
  • Adaptability: Open interfaces enable the rapid integration of customer-specific protocols and sensors
  • Scalability: The logging solution can be distributed across multiple hardware platforms and storage media in the vehicle. This allows you to optimally use the PC resources and increase the measurement data rate.
  • Everything from a single source: Logging software and hardware are optimally coordinated.

Logger Hardware


The VN8900 hardware is modular designed with various possible channel combinations for CAN, CAN FD and FlexRay. The focus is on parallel access to multiple bus channels and I/Os with high requirements on real-time and latencies also in standalone operating mode. It supports data rates of up to 15 MB/s for recording measurement data.


The VP6400 and VP7400 hardware platforms are specially designed for the time-synchronous parallel recording of bus messages, video streams, radar raw data and XCP on Ethernet in the automobile. It supports exchangeable storage cartridges with up to 4 respectively 16 TByte SSD memory. With very high recording rates of up to 500 MByte/s respectively up to 1 GByte/s they are suitable for ambitious ADAS projects.

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