A2L-Data Description
User-friendly display and creation of description files

Data Description for ECU Access

A2L description files allow the user to access variables internal to the control unit by symbolic names. They are an elementary component of every measurement and adjustment operation via the XCP and CCP protocols. 

Description Files for Internal ECU Parameters

Contents of the ASAP2 database 

An ASAP2 description file (also called A2L) contains all information about the relevant data objects in the ECU, such as parameters, maps, real and virtual measured variables, structures and variant dependencies. For each of these objects, information such as memory address, storage structure, data type and conversion rules for conversion into physical units are required. In addition, an A2L file also contains the parameters for communication between XCP master (e.g. CANape) and XCP slave in the ECU. 

A2L File Generation and Editing

Generation by hand  

A2L files can be generated manually in ASAP2 Studio.  

You select the measurement and adjustment quantities from a Linker MAP file. All other settings, such as specification of minimum and maximum values, definition of conversion rules, etc., can be defined in the convenient graphical user interface.   


Generation from Simulink 

By using the free Simulink XCP Server (Vector MATLAB/Simulink MC Add-on, Download Center), you can generate the matching A2L directly from your Simulink model.  


Generation by batch process  

Extend your code generation process with the ASAP2 tool set and use it to automatically generate complete A2L descriptions that match your software version.

Graphic automatic ASAP2 generation process with ASAP2 Tool-Set
Automatic ASAP2 generation process with ASAP2 Creator, Updater and Merger. Comparison of ASAP2 files and specific modification results using the ASAP2 Comparer and Modifier. The ASAP2 Checker checks these files for syntactic and semantic errors.

Tools for Creating and Editing A2L Files

Your support for data description for ECU-internal variables

For convenient editing of ECU description files in A2L format, both CANape and the ASAP2 Tool-Set include ASAP2 Studio as an editor. The following products still support you when working with ECU description files: 

Extend your code generation process to include the creation of A2L files ASAP2 Tool-Set
Function library for reading and writing A2L files ASAP2 Lib