Development of Diagnostics
Enhanced Product Quality while achieving Time and Cost Savings

Advantages for OEMs and Suppliers

The entire development process can be completed up to one and a half years faster than by conventional methods by using the CANdela approach. This is accomplished by an enormous shift of development efforts toward the beginning of the product development process ("Frontloading").


Applying Frontloading

Applying "Frontloading" and the single-source principle to the development process frees up time for more in-depth testing of diagnostic functionality in the ECU and in the vehicle, which contributes significantly to improving product quality. Both the automotive OEM and supplier benefit from the resulting time and cost savings.


Reduced Development Effort

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The CANdela approach reduces efforts by a factor of 6 to 7 during the specification phase.
Diagnostics-capable ECUs that are available early on are instrumental in achieving a uniformly implemented diagnostic protocol covering all ECUs in a vehicle and assuring consistent diagnostic data over the various program revision levels and variants. This in turn leads to savings of a similar magnitude over remaining development steps.


Reduced "replacement of good parts"

A tool-supported, consistent process during development also reduces the so-called "NTF (No Trouble Found) rate", which is the rate of improperly replaced "Good" ECUs in service shops.