Diagnostics and Flashing
Increase Your Development Efficiency Even More!

Tools for Diagnostics and Flashing

Vector supports you with concerted diagnostic and flashing tools, that increase efficiency and at the same time improve the quality in the development process.


The diagnostic tool support ranges from specifying diagnostics, generating ECU auto code up to integration, validating and diagnostic testing.  An off-the-shelf flash tool covers all use-cases throughout the entire lifecycle from ECU flashing up to flash parties after production.

Open interfaces and standards such as AUTOSAR, DoIP, WWH-OBD, ODX and UDS are supported perfectly.

Tools and Services

Increase your efficiency and improve your quality by the use of our optimally concerted tools.


Specification/Creating Diagnostic Data
User-oriented specification of ECU diagnostic data based on templates. Import and export of ODX data is supported. CANdelaStudio
Authoring tool for conveniently viewing, editing and comparing of diagnostic data in ODX 2.0.1 and 2.2.0 format. ODXStudio
ECU Software Components
Generated software components for Diagnostics – fast and proven integration of Diagnostics into ECUs. CANdesc
AUTOSAR basic software for Diagnostics: DCM (Diagnostic Communication Manager) and DEM (Diagnostic Event Manager) MICROSAR.DIAG
Diagnostic Tester
Quick and especially easy to use diagnostic tester for single ECUs or the complete vehicle as well as for remote diagnostics. Indigo
Automated validation of diagnostic implementation in ECUs with data driven test case generation. CANoe.DiVa
Flashing of ECUs quick and easy via CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet (DoIP) – ready to go also for remote flashing! vFlash
Universal and compact solution for reprogramming ECUs quickly, efficiently and securely for  many OEM-specific variants as well as for many different microcontrollers.
Flash Bootloader
Remote Diagnostics/Flashing and Diagnostic Scripting Hardware
Intelligent diagnostic hardware device for various applications involving vehicle diagnostics. Accessing the vehicle is easily done via the OBD socket. VN8810
Standardized programming interface library according to ISO 22900-2 for accessing Vector bus interfaces from customer-specific applications for diagnostics and flashing. Vector D-PDU API
Standardized communication driver for the Vector network interfaces according to SAE J2534. PassThru XL Library
Engineering and Consulting
Engineering services related to diagnostics: from creating diagnostic data to the customized comprehensive solution. Engineering Services
Workshops and Seminars
Trainings related to diagnostics: from product workshops to tailored technology seminars, e.g. ODX.

Tool Chain

Tool Chain for the Diagnostic Development Process

[Translate to 中文:] V-Model of the Automotive Diagnostic Development Process

The V-model shows Vector´s powerful software tools that are suitable for every phase of the complete automotive diagnostic development process: Beginning with the specification, continuing with implementation of ECU software, and finishing with integration and functional testing.



Technical Articles

[Translate to 中文:] PREEvision UML-Ethernet

Service-oriented Architectures and Ethernet in Vehicles

Towards data centers on wheels with model-based methods

Service-oriented architectures (‘SOAs’) have been used for years in the IT industry to describe and structure distributed systems. However, service-oriented design is also becoming extremely significant in the automobile industry: how else can customers’ increasingly urgent demand to adapt the scope of functions of the automobile, similar to the possibilities of today’s smartphones, be met reliably? It is also necessary to handle additional requirements from model maintenance and to introduce technology such as autonomous driving and vehicle-to-X communication.

The development tool PREEvision supports the methodical, consistent design of a service-oriented architecture. The user is guided from the definition of the service interfaces, through specification of the interaction of services, to an AUTOSAR compliant Ethernet design through an integrated workflow. If other bus technologies such as CAN, LIN, or FlexRay are also to be used in addition to Ethernet, mixed topologies can also be designed. Thus PREEvision accompanies the system designer through the challenging task of combining classic embedded design with modern service orientation and the necessary back-end communication – and thereby supports the transformation of the automobile into a data center on wheels.

Translation of a German-language publication "Elektronik automotive",
special edition "Ethernet" 2017