WM Motor now Diagnoses more Simply with Indigo

Indigo, the fast and extremely easy to use diagnostic tester, is now also in use at the Chinese vehicle manufacturer WM Motor. WM Motor uses the simple and flexible parameterization of the diagnostic tester via ODX data. WM Motor users also highly appreciate the Chinese GUI of the diagnostic tester.

Diagnostics is one of the most important features in an ECU. Diagnostics is used in the whole life-cycle of the ECU, and plays the key role in development phase, manufacturing phase and after-sales phase. The development and the usage of diagnostics are cross-department and cross-company tasks. Regarding to the engineering diagnostic tester, WM Motors always meet the following challenges in the development phase and/or the usage phase:

  • How to synchronize efficiently the differentiated diagnostic requirement?
  • How to reuse the diagnostic database?
  • How to parameterize diagnostic tester?