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Virtual Integration and Test of AUTOSAR Software - Know How as Webinar Recording

AUTOSAR adds complexity to the software development process and offers a lot of advantages at the same time. Virtualization supports tests and verification along the software evolution. The tool  vVIRTUALtarget is designed for this environment and simplifies your tasks.

Learn with this webinar recording how to benefit using vVIRTUALtarget.



  • Short product introduction
  • Tool concept
  • Highlights of current vVIRTUALtarget 4.0 version
  • Creation, building and using of a vVIRTUALtarget project and its associated virtual target for:

    • AUTOSAR Adaptive
    • AUTOSAR Classic

  • Creation of a CANoe configuration with appropriate tests for the vVIRTUALtarget System-under-Test


Target Group:

  • AUTOSAR application developers, AUTOSAR test engineers