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Bringing High-Performance into the Vehicle

Modern electric/electronic systems combine the computing power needed for data-rich applications with the flexibility to improve and evolve during life time by updates and upgrades. PREEvision 9.5 helps you to develop such future-proof E/E systems based on high-performance computers and the AUTOSAR Adaptive platform. With PREEvision, you can easily integrate HPCs and AUTOSAR Adaptive into existing architectures.

Take advantage of everything that AUTOSAR has to offer with PREEvision 9.5

Combined modeling of AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive systems with PREEvision 9.5

To manage the rich data of sensors like radar or cameras or to utilize services in the cloud, conventional electric/electronic (E/E) architectures are enhanced by powerful computers. They serve as domain controllers connected to a backbone via Ethernet or as a one of several central computers in the vehicle. PREEvision 9.5, the model-based E/E engineering environment from Vector, supports the modeling and integration of such high-performance computers (HPC). While conventional ECUs are microcontroller-based, HPCs aggregate microprocessors with multiple cores, internal busses, microcontrollers, and switches.

Using hypervisors, the available resources like memory, input/output or communication channels can be shared by basic software and applications. Even the combination of AUTOSAR Classic, AUTOSAR Adaptive, Android, and other software platforms on one hardware is possible. With PREEvision, the user design HPCs graphically in diagrams. This includes internal busses, switches, and the virtualization of different execution contexts. Completed HPCs can then be integrated into existing networks. This architecture serves as the basis for the communication design.

Schematic structure of a high-performance computer.

The PREEvision signal router can route the data exchanged internally within one HPC as well as externally to other HPCs or ECUs. HPCs are key to build safety-related systems for use cases such as automated and autonomous driving. And AUTOSAR Adaptive is the software platform that enables the necessary powerful and flexible E/E architectures in the vehicle. PREEvision stays hard on the heels of its evolvement: PREEvision 9.5 supports AUTOSAR Adaptive version 19-03 and offers the user multiple diagrams and a dedicated user interface to model service-oriented systems. These systems can later be enhanced or extended easily by updates or upgrades.

The PREEvision AUTOSAR Adaptive Explorer provides tools like tables or data syntheses that help the user to create an Adaptive system from scratch. C++ data types are supported, too. As Adaptive systems in most cases complement already existing AUTOSAR Classic systems, PREEvision 9.5 offers a combined modeling: The user can mix AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive systems easily. Via drag and drop, software components of both platforms can be connected to an adapter that translates between the Classic and Adaptive interfaces.

AUTOSAR Adaptive System Design with PREEvision