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Significant CO₂ Savings at Vector Due To the Corona Pandemic

Whether the Corona pandemic will have a long-term effect on the climate is a matter for studies and scientists to decide. But it definitely has an effect on travel behavior at Vector Informatik.

In January 2020, Vector transferred a climate protection contribution of 38,249 euros to atmosfair. This compensated for the greenhouse gases produced by air travel in 2019: 1,663,000 kilograms of CO2, the amount corresponding roughly to 1,343,000 passenger kilometers flown.

And 2020? A significant decrease, not particularly surprising given the "current situation": 93 percent less CO2, only 119,770 kilograms. The lowest figure since Vector began offsetting carbon dioxide from air travel in 2013. atmosfair distributes our contributions to climate protection projects and promotes sustainable development through technology transfer and poverty reduction.

Vector also fully compensates for CO2 emissions incurred during rail travel. In 2019, Vector employees traveled 743,947 kilometers by Deutsche Bahn, which was reduced to 146,656 kilometers last year. Vector participates in the business customer program and travels with 100 percent green electricity. By using renewable energies, direct emissions are avoided from the outset.

More information on environmental protection measures.