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New Cooperation with AUTOSAR MCAL Vendors

MCAL Configuration with DaVinci Configurator Pro

The MCAL is hardware dependent and is the lowest layer of the AUTOSAR basic software.

To offer AUTOSAR users a simple and user-friendly configuration of the AUTOSAR-MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer), Vector cooperates with several semiconductor manufacturers. By using the Vector product DaVinci Configurator Pro in combination with the semiconductor vendor's libraries provided especially for the MCAL, it is possible to configure the MCAL with the familiar comfort features of the software tool DaVinci Configurator Pro. The default settings of the MCAL module can be used directly and project-specific parameters can be set easily. Finally, the overall configuration is validated and the source code is generated.
The solution has already been implemented for well-known semiconductor vendors. Discussions with other manufacturers are ongoing.

The MCAL layer is the lowest layer of the AUTOSAR basic software. It contains low-level drivers that ensure access to the internal peripherals and memory, communication buses and I/O interfaces of a microcontroller. The MCAL layer allows the upper layers to be separated from the hardware-dependent parts. This way, AUTOSAR follows the goal of separating the application software from the hardware.

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