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CANoe.DiVa 13: Now with over 40 Test Cases for CAN FD Transport Layer Tests

The Highlights of the new Version 13:

CAN FD Transport Layer Tests

  • CANoe.DiVa now offers over 40 test cases for validating the ISO transport protocol implementation (ISO15765-2) on CAN FD.

Evaluation Notes for Test Results

  • In case of found errors CANoe.DiVa now also provides hints on possible error causes.

Test of D-PDU API-based Diagnostic Jobs

CANoe.DiVa validates diagnostic communication from D-PDU API-based Diagnostic Jobs, controls them and enables the following tests:

  • Using D-PDU API-based Flash Jobs in CANoe.DiVa software download tests
  • Tests also of third-party Diagnostic Jobs in all areas (development, production, after-sales, OTA, onboard tester, ...). The original third-party platform is used for execution, e.g. the diagnostic tester used by the OEM.

Advantage: the user ensures already in early development phases that later required diagnostic sequences match the ECU and run robustly.

Manufacturer Support

  • Many new manufacturer-specific test extensions
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