Smart Charging Know-How at a Glance

In the emerging mass market of e-mobility, it is enormously important to keep track of the ongoing developments. Do you have questions about the differences between AC and DC charging, the different charging interfaces or the charging standards such as ISO 15118 or GB/T 27930? We've got you!


Smart Communication for Electric Mobility

Innovative solutions are becoming increasingly available to make electric mobility mass-market-capable. An important part of this is the charging technology. In this context, the term smart charging is used for charging systems of electric or hybrid vehicles according to standards like ISO 15118 and DIN SPEC 70121.


There are different electric charging use cases for which different parameters apply.


Parameter Commercial fleets (Semi)public Residential parking
Context, setting Depots, scheduled lines, 24/7 Curb, visitor Car parks Private home
Charge plan Over-night Opportunity / ad hoc Over-night
Duration > 6 h 0.1 - 1 h < 1 h > 2 h > 8 h
Charged vehicles Light / heavy duty Heavy duty Cars, vans
Power < 200 kW DC > 350 kW DC > 50 kW DC < 44 kW <= 22 kW
Load management Yes No Yes No


Vector Solutions for Smart Charging

Vector supports developers of on-board charging ECUs in the vehicle, charging stations and induction charging systems with extensive test systems, hardware and bespoke ECU software. This helps you to develop quickly and cost effectively.


Know-How Areas

Charging Types and Methods

Introduction to different types of charging like AC, DC and inductive charging as well as various...

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Charging Interfaces

Explanation of the EV and EVSE connector faces for AC and DC charging.

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Communication Protocols

The communication between the EV and the EVSE is divided into low-level communication, high-level...

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Charging Standards

Overview of both international and national charging standards, such as IEC 62196, ISO 15118, GB/T...

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More Know-How

[Translate to 中文:] Electric Vehicle Charging Communication Know-How Chart in DIN A1 format, folded to DIN A4

Order the Vector Electric Vehicle Chart. The clearly structured Poster in DIN A1 format gives you important technical details on Charging Communication. Among other things, the unique poster illustrates the following topics:


  • Electric Charging Use Cases
  • Charging Methods
  • Charging Interfaces
  • Standards and Protocols