Building and Expanding a Charging Infrastructure

Electric mobility is on everyone's doorstep and the demand for charging stations is growing. However, charging is no longer limited to the wallbox at home. In the future, electric vehicles will take over all areas of mobility and increasingly influence our private and business lives.

But many grid connections are not designed for the additional power consumption by EVs. In addition, it is important to ensure that the respective vehicles are fully charged in time for their use, especially if the EVs are used commercially.

This white paper focuses on the back end for charging parks and charging facilities for electric vehicles. With a so-called "Charging Station Management System" (CSMS), numerous charging points can be configured and controlled. In this white paper, you will learn how charging infrastructure can be set up and expanded even with existing connections, which strategies can be defined for charging, and why you are best equipped for every use case with a manufacturer-independent and functionally broad-based software solution.


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