DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.20.35

License Handling

  • DaVinci Configurator SIP.Diag: Selection of Project Standard Configuration files in Input Files Assistant enabled now


Automation Interface Extensions

  • Extension for Unmapping Component Ports
  • Extension for Unmapping Signals and Communication Elements
  • Enhance Simple Data Mapping API for Complex Mappings
  • Implement Missing Getters for Runtime System Domain Model
  • Support Creation of Delegation Ports at the Component Port Selection API
  • Improve Performance of Origin Context API
  • Extend Domain Com automation interface by FullCan use case
  • Support Multi-Partition Auto Configuration
  • Support new keywords for Search-API: Query and Count
  • Offer ParameterDataPrototypes for DataMapping
  • Extend generation API to support Generation Execution Report
  • Select Origin Component Port API: Offer Origin Port for Naming Declaration of Delegation Port
  • Extend mdfModel API with referable + relative path
  • Create Custom Report
  • Support of project merge via automation scripts

BSW Management Editor Improvement

  • No more restrictions in case of multi-core systems
  • Show/hide groups in the tree
  • Filtering to display only elements related to a selected element
  • Improved names of generated elements
  • Special dialog to add, remove and order actions within an action list
  • Ordering of an action list by drag&dropNeutral project update for legacy diagnostic files

New view in PDUs Editor: PDU Diagram

  • Graphical display of PDU relations
  • Limitation: not yet all PDU types displayed

BaseEcuC Generator Features

  • Support of IpduMContainerQueueSize (RFC 80408)
  • Direct mapping between PNC and ComM channel (RFC 80169)
  • Derivation of Bundle PDUs on Client Side for Dynamic Sockets
  • Support of DEXT "recoverableInSameOperationCycle" flag
  • Import DID Size into CFG5
  • Derive J1939TpRxNSdu and J1939TpTxNSdu from j1939TpPg.sdu
  • Derive the LIN Wakeup Source only as Soft-Derived parameter

Project Update and Multi-User Features

  • Neutral project update for legacy diagnostic files
  • Harmonized UUID handling during ARXML import and project merge
  • Support of PB-S projects with DEXT input files
  • Input Files Editor: Display detailed validation info
  • Command line: indirect file for handling large number of input files

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Improved display of VASE script logs
  • Support of component-specific scripts also in the new SIP structure
  • Tresos proxy generator supports now two separate tresos installations
  • Grid controls: Filtering and sorting by summary column
  • Restore expansion and selection state of trees and grids when switching the displayed PB-S variant
  • Grid controls: Filtering by multiple columns
  • Find View: Check for deviation from recommended value
  • ECU Software Components Editor: Signal-centric view for data mapping
  • GenDevKit: Support QueueLength for ReceiverComSpec
  • Support SubElementMappings for Bitfield Arrays in GUI and Validations
  • Connecting Port Prototypes: Improve Matching Score of Origin Context
  • Introduce Completed Flag For Origin Ports
  • Show full ASR Path in ReferenceSelection Dialog
  • Full Sub Element Mapping Support
  • Allow "Edit Variance" for derived containers

Fixed Issues

  • Selective merge of platform function: Parent is not created when only child is assigned
  • ResolveDeleted difference action processes also added and modified if they are selected
  • Different Dcf load behavior than DaVinci Developer
  • Wrong derivation of Sporadic Lin Frames
  • Data Mapping Assistant shows signals of other variants
  • Input File Assistant: File replace does not work as expected
  • Custom Workflow Steps cannot be saved and loaded
  • Data Constraints not validated correctly if type emitter is not 'RTE'
  • Data Mapping Assistant does not filter non-zero-length signals for trigger
  • Close button gets truncated in the Generate dialog
  • No error message shown when trying to open a dual target project in a SIP without VTT license
  • Edit Variance Dialog: Criterion value can be set to a non-integer value
  • Unresolved References View updates very often in background
  • Multiple IssmChannels stay in one column in the IssmIss Grid
  • DvCfgCmd closes unexpectly when the path to the executable is too long
  • Memory Mapping Assistant does not show any memory object
  • Deleted soft-derived reference parameter exists after update
  • Data mapping between RX signal of NmPdu and DataElement/Operation shall be forbidden
  • Prevent the execution of the Update Workflow for variant projects without input files
  • Find View: Context menu action 'Reset to recommended value' should always be available on multi selection
  • Update Workflow aborts with error in Diagnostic-Only update mode only with diagnostic input files
  • Script Task View not grayed out exec option
  • Differences in Differences View are not sorted
  • Properties View: Missing entries in Definition tab
  • FileChangeListener does not recognize InputFile changes in InputFilesStateService with relativ paths
  • Diff&Merge: Filters are not considered when starting ComparisonMode from Cfg5

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