vFlash 4.0 SP3

Updates existing installations of version 4.0 to 4.0 SP3. Not suitable for older versions.

New features and improvements

  • Allow execution of Custom Actions without reprogramming (VFLS-38438)
    Custom Actions are used to execute user specific operations before and/or after reprogramming. In some cases it may be necessary to execute Custom Actions without starting the reprogramming procedure. By deactivating all datablocks it is now possible to only execute the configured Custom Actions.
  • Automatic reloading of Custom Actions (VFLS-46847)
    To simplify the Custom Action development the Custom Action DLLs are now reloaded by vFlash. This means that after modifying and recompiling the Custom Actions source code of a referenced Custom Action DLL, the DLL is automatically reloaded and the changes are used within the next reprogramming procedure. So also new errors and inconsistencies made during development are immediately displayed within the vFlash.
  • Always show Custom Actions Tab (VFLS-46926)
    Custom Actions are used to execute user specific operations before and/or after reprogramming (e.g. used for reporting, restore information after reprogramming,...). To emphasize this helpful feature the Custom Actions tab is now always displayed within the UI.
  • Provide SoAd demo and simulation with vFlash installation (VFLS-47007)
    vFlash supports Diagnostics over the Socket Adapter protocol (SoAd). SoAd is used for the Ethernet in-vehicle communication between the Gateway and a particular target ECU. In case this target ECU is not within the vehicle, vFlash has to flash the ECU using the SoAd protocol. Now vFlash also provides a SoAd demo which can be accessed via the vFlash start page by clicking on "Demos".
  • Automatic baud rate selection in CAN timing parameter dialog (VFLS-46945)
    In case the option "CAN/CAN FD: Allow adaption of sample point settings" in the vFlash options menu is enabled the baud rate and sample point settings may be configured within an own dialog. By editing the baud rate on the communication tab this dialog is opened and the baud rate can be configured by explicitly selecting the baud rate field. Now the baud rate field within this dialog is automatically selected.
  • vFlash on VN8xxx controlled via CANoe searching vFlashPacks also as user file. (VFLS-47042)
    vFlashpacks configured as CANoe "user files" (global options dialog) are now found by vFlash. Before it was required that the CANoe configuration copies the vFlashpacks to a specific folder.
  • Support updated Ford seed-key handling. (VFLS-47195)

New vFlash Templates

  • Several new vFlash Templates are released to support many new OEMs / Bootloaders - contact us to get more information.

Issues solved

  • Non-standard CAN baud rates weren't supported anymore (VFLS-46942)
    Configuring a non-standard baud rate (e.g. 666.666 Baud) vFlash was not able to initialize the communication and informed the user to check his communication setup (e.g. cable connection).
  • First attempt of DoIP flashing using DHCP failed. (VFLS-47079)
    Using DHCP for reprogramming over DoIP, the first attempt always failed. Starting flashing a second time solved the problem.
  • Large VBF files could not be added to vFlash projects (VFLS-46724)
    vFlash denied adding large VBF files (e.g file size > 100MB) or many big VBF files.
  • Force Boot Mode did not work with extended addressing. (VFLS-47102)
    Using extended addressing the first byte of the raw message is used for the ECU Address, so only 7 Byte may be configured for the Force Boot Mode message. vFlash tried to send a CAN raw message with 9 Byte length (1 Byte ECU Address and 8 Byte Force Boot Mode message). This did not work.
  • vFlash on VN8810 plugin often aborted when installed using the Platform Manager (VFLS-46779)
    Using the Platform-Manager for the vFlash Installation on the VN8810, the installation often aborted, so that the plugin had to be disabled and enabled again.
Please note:
This software package contains an older version of WIBU CodeMeter, which contains a critical security vulnerability.
Please ensure to have the latest Vector License Client installed that fixes that vulnerability. For details refer to the Vector security advisory.

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