DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.18.29

类别 : Service Pack
文件大小 : 412.19 MB
MD5 哈希 : ccb6463b6d793878c8767be8e0476e10

Extends MICROSAR deliveries with the DaVinci Configurator Pro 5.18. Not suitable for other versions. In case an according license is already activated on your PC no further renewal of this activation is necessary.


Improvements in BaseEcuC Workflow

  • Selective update of diagnostic module configurations (only in combination with CDD or PDX files)
  • System Description modification with AutomationInterface during project update

Improvements in Identity Handling

  • Introduction of Variance Details View for a clearer overview of the configuration in different identities

Miscellaneous Tool Features

  • Improved reporting function
  • Extension and Improvement of Diff&Merge function
  • Open the TechRef folder from the Help menu
  • Display OriginContext in Properties and Overview tables in SWC Design
  • Use the OriginContext as additional mapping criterion in Port mapping
  • Derive SecOC-Parameter acc. to AR4.3.1
  • Derive the SecOC PDU structure for a separated Authentication PDU
  • Extend mapping of diagnostic data elements to NvBlocks
  • Support ASR 4.3 System Extract requirements for LdCom

Fixed Issues

  • Change the multiplicity of J1939RmMultiplexedPduRef in BaseEcuC base on BSWMD
  • Duplicate keybinding for "+" in GCE tree may create unwanted elements
  • Number format problem when duplicating entries in a grid
  • Project Merge Assistant: CFG5 Diff & Merge Modules existing in Base are marked as not existing in Base
  • Project Settings Edtior should validate empty working directory for external generation Steps
  • Derive DcmDspDataType as Array datatype for Arrays with variable size
  • Project Merge Assistant: "Dpa file locked" error only occurs once
  • Duplication of many elements takes forever
  • Some parameters of ComSignal are missing after update with a new input file.
  • Change derivation for ComMChannelRef in DcmDslConnections for DoIp
  • Keyboard navigation leads to NPE
  • Show RTE Validation messages only if RTE is active
  • Duplication of empty SDG-Nodes on every project-load-save loop leeds to huge files
  • Deactivate HW or VTT module partners when the user activates/deactivates modules
  • Reference to ImplementationDataType cannot be resolved.
  • InputFileType is not correctly detected if project is setup with an older version
  • FrNmPnEraCalcEnabled is derived although PncMappingType does not exist
  • Input File Assistant: ECU Instance can not be selected if the FileType is changed.
  • SoAdTxIfTriggerTransmit should only be derived for IF PDUs
  • Connector validation quits with exception
  • Task Mapping Editor: Trigger Details disappear while scrolling
  • Memory Block Editor not updated when block is assigned to partition
  • Possible NPE in SwcPortMappingValidator for not accepted DiagnosticServiceSwMappings
  • Not possible to delete variant expression argument in BSW management editor
  • EcucUpdater: UUID was changed during update without reason
  • IllegalStateException in the Differences View after Arxml-Import
  • Cell tooltip prevents the user from opening the context menu / doubleclicking
  • Deleted SoftDerived Container recovered during DBUpdate
  • No TcpIpIpFramePrioDefault parameter if EthernetCommunicationController is used in multiple VLANs
  • Derive DemDidDataClassRefs and DemDidClassRefs in the correct order
  • Support 4.3.1 MAC/PHY configuration as additional SysEx for existing BSW implementation
  • Project Settings Editor - NullPointerException when removing (not existing) external ECUC file
  • Differences View: 'Copy' on non changeable elements returns incomplete AUTOSAR path
  • Derive J1939Requestable from CanFrameTriggering
  • BSW Management Editor deletes auto configuration conditions
  • EcucUpdater ignores modules with same MSN
  • Derive parameter CanIfTxPduCanIdMask as soft-derived
  • Module configuration is deleted at project save when a second MC with the same ShortName was added and removed by undo

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