ODXStudio 4.0 SP2 Patch 2

Updates existing installations of version 4.0 to 4.0 SP2 Patch 2. Not suitable for older versions.

With ODXStudio 4.0 SP2 Patch 2, the following changes become effective:

Issues solved

  • BIN files are not renamed correctly when imported in batch mode (ODXS-48338)
    (ODX-F VAG) The renaming of flashware files according to the VAG spec was not done if the flash container was created using the ODXStudio command line.
  • Generated file names contain blanks (ODXS-48224 )
    (ODX-F VAG) The generated flashware file names contained blanks in case the partnumber did contain less than 11 characters.


With ODXStudio 4.0 SP2, the following changes become effective:

New Features and Improvements

  • ECU Perspective for ODX 2.0.1 (EIP40276)
    (ECU Perspective) The ECU Perspective in the generic mode is now available for ODX 2.0.1 also. UDS based ODX 2.0.1 data can be viewed in simple and comfortable views.
  • Double Click on referenced DiagComms (EIP35867)
    (ODX-D native)A double click on referenced DiagComms in the DiagComms list now displays the content of the respective DiagComm.
  • Improved performance of report (EIP41317)
    (Report) The generation of reports for data with a lot of DTCS has been improved drastically.
  • Properties of ENV-DATA shall be accessible from ENV-DATA-DESC (EIP28088)
    (ODX-D native) In the ENV-DATA-DESC property dialog a toolbar button "Properties" and a context menu item "Properties" for the referenced ENV-DATAs is now available
  • Handling of multiple monitors at runtime (EIP24805)
    (Framework) The disconnect of the secondary monitor at runtime is handled now. The ODXStudio window is resized and moved to the primary monitor again.
  • Filter Controls in ECU Perspective (EIP40287)
    (ECU Perspective) Filters are now available in the ECU Perspective for Services, DIDs, RIDs, IOCs, DTCs and additional DTC information
  • Display of DTCs (EIP34223)
    (ECU Perspective) The display format of DTCs in the ECU Perspective can be configured in "Tools | Options" to SAE or Hexadecimal.
  • Delete ECUs in ECU Perspective (EIP34231)
    (ECU Perspective) It is possible now to delete ECUs in the ECU Perspective.
  • "Save File..." and "Save File as..." in Project Explorer (EIP19038)
    (Project Explorer) Modified and unsaved files are highlighted in the Project Explorer now. Such files can now be saved separately also inside the Project Explorer.
  • Recursive Exclude / Delete of directories (EIP40650)
    (Project Explorer) Non empty directories can now be excluded or deleted in the Project Explorer.
  • Improved "Include" Handling (EIP32160)
    (Project Explorer) Including files residing in not included directories is possible now. The respective directories are automatically included also.
  • Project Explorer Icons (EIP40668)
    (Project Explorer) For files with a known / registered file type the respective icon is displayed in the Project Explorer now.
  • Display SI of SDGs in native SDG tree (EIP40301)
    (ODX native) The SDG tree view now displays the SDG-Caption and/or SI for an SDG as tree node text.
  • Display coded value for Comparam values (EIP39126)
    (ODX native) For Comparam values the coded value is now displayed also in a column "Raw Value".
  • Mark broken references to external files (EIP19969)
    (ODX-F native) References to non existing flash data files are visualized now by displaying an error provider icon at the text box.
  • Selection of PHYSICAL-LINK-TYPE for Physical Vehicle Links (EIP41067)
    (ODX-V native 2.2.0) In addition to the values specified in table A.7 of the ODX spec all physical link types specified in any prot stacks of the currently loaded model are displayed for selection in the combobox for the physical link type type at the physical vehicle link.

Issues solved

  • Exception when displaying Dependencies (EIP41213)
    (ODX-D) ODXStudio 4.0 and 4.0 SP1 stalled in some configurations when displaying the window "Dependencies".
  • No resize after project close (EIP41031)
    (Startup Screen) After a project close the startup screen, main menu and toolbar did not resize any more.
  • Copy&Paste of nested referenced objects may fail (EIP32521)
    (Framework) In certain constellations nested referenced objects were not copied correctly.
  • Can not open single ODX 2.0.1 files (EIP40388, EIP40806)
    (Framework) In ODXStudio 4.0 and 4.0 SP1 single ODX 2.0.1 files could not be opened any more via file open or double click.
  • Exception on TAB in additional DTC info (EIP41325)
    (ECU Perspective) Leaving a grid cell in the additional DTC info with [TAB] after editing caused an exception.
  • Duplicate TABLE-ROW(-REF)s (EIP41237)
    (ECU Perspective) Adding Snapshot DIDs in the ECU Perspective created duplicate TABLE-ROW(-REF)s in some cases.
  • SnapshotRecordNumber is not saved (EIP40963)
    (ECU Perspective) The Snapshot Number was not saved in case a toolbar button on the SnapshotRecord-RHS was clicked immediately after the modification.
  • Invalid ShortName for ExtendedDataRecord (EIP40961)
    (ECU Perspective) In some constellations an invalid short name for an extenden data record was created.
  • Content of Extended Data Records is disabled in generic mode (EIP40255)
    (ECU Perspective) The grid displaying the content of Extended Data Records was disabled in generic mode. The contained structures could therefore not be expanded.
  • Disclaimer shows repeatedly for odx 201 URLs (EIP40692)
    (Framework) The Disclaimer dialog was displayed each time a ODXStudio URL for an ODX 2.0.1 PDX was send to an ODXStudio instance.
  • Handling of cyclic data structures (EIP40435)
    (ODX-D native) Some cyclic data structures could lead to a stalled ODXStudio.
  • Default- and Default-Inverse-Value cannot be deleted at Scale-Linear and Scale-Rational Dops (EIP41003)
    (ODX-D native) Default- and Default-Inverse-Value could not be deleted at Scale-Linear and Scale-Rational Dops.
  • LengthKey cannot be selected (EIP40708)
    (ODX-D native) The LengthKy for a ParamLengthInfo type DOP could not be selected if the properties dialog for the DOP was opened from the parameter's property dialog.
  • Cleanup deletes Tables with referenced TableRows (EIP40601)
    (ODX-D native) Cleanup offered Tables for deletion if only the TableRows where referenced directly by a parameter.
  • Referenced Dop is not pasted if DiagDataDictionarySpec does not exist (EIP40344)
    (ODX-D native) The DiagDataDictionarySpec and the UnitSpec are created now automatically in case they do not exist.
  • Exception on project close (EIP40325)
    (ODX-D native) Project close caused exceptions in case a TableKey was selected in the PDU table.
  • New meaning is not editable (EIP41268)
    (ODX-E MB Truck) If services with duplicate LongName existed a new meaning for that domain was not editable after creation in some cases.
  • Meaning value is not displayed correctly (EIP41251)
    (ODX-E MB Truck) The precision for a physical value of type float was not evaluated when displaying/saving the value.
  • ProtStack-Snref is marked as broken although it is valid (EIP40725)
    (ODX-V native) Valid Snrefs at the logical link referencing a ProtStack were marked as broken.


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