vADASdeveloper run 2.0 SP2

类别 : Service Pack
文件大小 : 316.50 MB
MD5 哈希 : 938604aa921cda84d3d6df47fc242997

Runtime license to execute/run a vADASdeveloper application build with vADASdeveloper Version 2.0 SP2 or earlier. The service pack updates existing installations of version 2.0 to 2.0 SP2.

With Service Pack 2, the following changes become effective:

  • Added preview images for multimedia signals recorded with CANape component
  • Optimized CML editor
  • Remote interface enhancement
  • Individual camera calibration for LayeredGraphics
  • Bird's eye view

    • Improved legend display
    • Ellipse adjustment

  • Improved player

    • Support of same channel names
    • Support of string based signals
    • Usage of double arrays
    • Further performance improvements for large MDF Files



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